of access and identification-related applications and solutions that can help any size business

Corporate Access Control Solutions

From large corporate enterprises and medium-sized companies to small firms, businesses of varying sizes around the world are realizing the power of smart cards beyond physical access. Unlike the commonly used photo ID badge, a smart card is essentially a tiny computer, capable of containing its own processor and providing 128 KB of memory. Smart cards can now incorporate an embedded photo, a PIN or password, and application data along with a biometric (such as fingerprints or iris scans).

With the increased capabilities, companies are using smart cards for logical access, multi-factor identification, time/attendance, debit functions, cashless vending and subject history – all in one card.

A single HID Global smart card can be configured to support an individual business’ needs, whether basic or more sophisticated, for either centralized card issuance or networked for distributed issuance across different locations. Corporations can further extend the use of these secure smart cards to cost-effectively and conveniently solve additional business problems that occur in the future as the cards “do more then just open the door.”

HID Global offers an extensive portfolio of access and identification-related applications and solutions that can help any size of business maintain operational efficiency and reduce costs while providing optimum security for their facilities and properties.

Only having to carry one device for so many daily tasks is excellent.

Alison Brown
Facilities, Operations and Events Manager, Netflix

Netflix Mobile Access Pilot



Large Corporations

After a rash of media reports exposing corporate vulnerability to information security threats, large corporations are more diligent than ever in trying to pinpoint security system vulnerabilities that may compromise their confidential data. The introduction of high frequency HID Global contactless smart cards, at a price point that is comparable to proximity, has prompted large enterprises to employ the use of a single card for multiple applications. This improves security, increases organizational efficiency and cost savings.

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Small to Medium Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses must accomplish their goals with a lean team of employees who ensure that the organization is operating at peak efficiency. HID Global can aid in this quest for efficiency by implementing a smart card identity system that best fits your organization.

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