Citizen ID Solutions

breadth of services across all aspects of the government identification market

Citizen ID Cards

Selecting the right government identification solution is a complex task. Each program calls for a customized approach to meet widely different requirements and risk profiles. HID Global’s breadth and depth of services, solutions and expertise -- plus more than 40 years as a strategic advisor to government customers around the world – allows us to work with you to build, deliver and manage effective ID solutions.

Governments can choose from a single component, project management or an entire turnkey solution – from enablement and enrollment through card issuance, authentication and management.

Backed by decades of experience

Backed by decades of experience, HID Global has forged trusted relationships with governments, partners and service providers worldwide. Together with our partners, we delivered the Prelaminate for the National e-ID Card in Germany, the e-Passport in Spain, and the Driver’s License on the Ivory Coast.

Innovations that make a difference

Trust. Durability. Convenience. ROI. At HID Global we know that technological innovation is critical to all of these objectives. Our team of experts is dedicated to advancing the technologies, processes and systems that best serve our partners and government customers while improving the cardholder experience.