In The News

Date Title
09/26/2013 Credential encoding
09/25/2013 ASIS Salutes the Accolades Victors
09/18/2013 ASIS International 2013 Accolades Winners Named
09/18/2013 HID expands pivCLASS line
09/13/2013 ASIS announces Accolades winners
09/10/2013 NFC technology demonstration at Intel Developer Forum
09/06/2013 RFID Tags Designed for Durability and Reliability in Harsh Environments
09/02/2013 Measuring the Next Step in IP-Based Access Control
08/31/2013 HD Printer/ Encoder Offering superior print quality
07/05/2013 Put users in the zone to enable secure BYOD
07/03/2013 Rise of BYOD Opens Integrators to New Consultative Role
06/30/2013 Expecting More for Security, the Build-up of Security System in Foreign Multinational Enterprises
06/30/2013 Printers Increasing Security
06/25/2013 Green Card contractor
06/23/2013 NFC and Smart Phone Technology Bring New Opportunities to Access Control System
04/24/2013 HID Global Unveils Its New Instant Financial Issuance Printer for Seamless Migration to EMV Payment Cards
04/22/2013 The move toward ‘frictionless' security experience
04/18/2013 HID Grows in Latin America
04/17/2013 NFC技术带领门禁系统走向更安全及移动的模式
04/15/2013 HID's Hebert evaluates ‘move to mobile'
03/07/2013 IAM crucial for the cloud
03/04/2013 Security Beyond the Perimeter
02/25/2013 The five layers of online banking security
02/24/2013 HID Global, World's Leading Brand in Secure Identity Solutions -- An Interview for Mr Simon Siew, the Managing Director, APAC at HID Global
02/21/2013 CBORD: iCLASS and the latest contactless solutions