Networked Access Partners

IP-based access control solution plus software for enhanced security

HID Global offers fully-functional and easy-to-use IP-based access control solutions which, when coupled with our software providing partners, bring intelligence to the door and enable a wide variety of solution deployments including remote management and report generation via standard Web browsers, in-house enterprise solutions, hosted solutions and more.

Our Networked Access Solutions software providing partners, and their dealers, have recognized that offering open architecture access control is extremely beneficial to their customers.

Access Specialties International, LLC

Since 1989, Access Specialties has been manufacturing electronic access control systems that seamlessly integrate all aspects of security. As the developer of one of the first PC-based access control systems, we are pioneers in the access control industry and are known for our user-friendly, intuitive software programs. We offer turnkey access control solutions through our dealer network and have one of the finest technical support departments in the industry.

Focal Point is our latest access control system supporting HID's Edge product line. This simple, cost-effective system provides users with the flexibility to control who goes where and when while providing an exceptional audit trail and powerful reporting capabilities. This powerfully system requires minimal training and is easy to install.

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ACS Ltd.

ACS Ltd manufactures hardware and software control systems for the access control industry. We offer iCLASS® and proximity vandal resistant card readers as well as Admin software with integrated BioCLASS™ enrolment.

The PLAN range of access control systems make extensive use of the Read/Write capability of iCLASS 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards and readers, wherever there is an opportunity to increase security, enhance usability or add value for our clients.

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Automated Management Technologies (AMT)

AMT is a total security solutions provider that offers ready to use software, proven hardware, and complete system support. AMT has specialized experience in creating software for highly distributed security systems running as a service (SaaS) in customer owned data centers as well as central station monitoring environments. AMT further empowers their customers by providing source code, training and developer resources to customize their applications.

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Averics Systems Inc

Averics is an enterprise security management system provider for organizations that need a robust and scalable security solution to secure their people and premises. Our core expertise lies in the design, development and manufacturer of enterprise-scale access control and security management systems using off-the-shelf security hardware such as HID Edge and VertX control panels. This spans not only the familiar access control applications, but also seamless unification of video, alarm monitoring and a host of other features and optional modules, providing a truly integrated approach to building security and management. We offer both traditional server-based systems that can be installed on client's site as well as completely web-hosted systems that are hosted on our secure datacenters.

Averics Systems Inc

Ban-Koe Companies

Ban-Koe Companies provides Workforce Management and Workplace Security solutions to thousands of organizations worldwide. Ban-Koe was incorporated in February of 1983 and is a privately held Minnesota corporation. Ban-Koe maintains an extensive service and support network to provide prompt on-site and remote services across the United States.

Workforce Management and Workplace Security solutions help organizations streamline their Time Accounting, Intelligent Scheduling, Human Resources, Access Control and Visitor Management processes.

Take advantage of live on-demand control of your building(s) and protect your personnel, visitors and assets from any smart device. Stay informed of the current status of your buildings, facilities, and campuses with actionable alerts and notifications.

During an emergency, when every second counts, let vIDix manage the “before”, “during” and “after” of every situation. Instantly account for everyone’s whereabouts, efficiently communicate instructions, automatically contact authorities, and most importantly secure your facility.

Put the vIDix PLATFORM to work for your organization today!


Brivo Systems, LLC

Brivo Systems, LLC, is an online physical access control system provider for organizations that need to protect and monitor buildings and perimeter entry points using Internet and wireless technologies. The company's hardware products and software services enable businesses to control physical access to offices, warehouses, remote/unmanned buildings, or sensitive areas such as computer rooms, where real-time control and accountability of entry are important. The company's Web-hosted solutions are based on open technologies that connect dispersed facilities to the Internet using secure, wide-area communications.

For more information, contact your Brivo Regional Sales Manager or call 1-866-692-7486, Option 1, or email [email protected]

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eTimeCA - Access Control System, designed for working with HID VertX controllers, filters the entry of persons and vehicles to a building or campus, using admissions policies such as schedules and doors authorized to enter or exit. Likewise, works in conjunction with power locks, revolving doors, turnstiles and vehicle barriers. The system maintains a database of user information as well as a history of the events.

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CS Gold Access- Squadron
Squadron was developed to provide modular options to tailor hardware for access and alarms. Squadron brings unprecedented strength and flexibility to access control.

Key features of Squadron are:

  • Panels feature Linux OS with RISC processor
  • Up to 32 doors per controller
  • Direct IP connection
  • 1 million offline card holders
  • 60,000 offline door transactions
  • 10,000 offline alarm transactions
  • 10,000 offline alarm actions
  • 4,000 schedules
  • Offline local alarms
  • Online software managed alarms
  • Operating in the recommended host/local mode Squadron provides access decisions for a virtually unlimited volume of patrons.
  • Virtual Doors- Virtual doors do not use card readers to monitor doors. Virtual doors can be configured using normal door configuration options. For example, points, alarms, strike time, and prop time.
  • Supports the IR® Biometric HandKey® II Reader. Access can be granted by swiping a card or entering a PIN. The requirement of your hand to enter an area is determined by the hand entry schedule. The biometric templates are stored at the V1000R board so that they are operational when the panel is offline to the host. The templates are updated with each hand entry so that the system recognizes any changes in your hand.
  • Supports the IR® VIP on-line lock. The VIP lock is a cost effective modular on-line door lock.
  • Support of Elevators for the ability to add another level of security to your institution through the use of elevators. Each floor is validated through a card swipe or PIN that is entered.
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Control My Doors

At we had a vision of having the ability to provide a Access Control Solution to small Businesses where traditional solutions were too costly just to do one or two doors. There were also added costs of paying for a Server and Software license. So we came up with an idea to provide a Hosted Access Control solution were customers don't have to pay for an expensive server or control panel.

We partnered up with HID, the world's leader in access control hardware to provide a low cost solution that can be as little or many doors as you need. The best part of it is you will never have to pay for a server, software license or an upgrade, ever. Our datacenter is protected with 24 hour Security with multiple redundancy in place for network and power backup. You will be able to access your doors, make changes, and view history reports anywhere in the world from a computer using a internet browser. There is never any software to install. All you need is a internet connection at your office and a qualified security integrator to install one of the systems from our dealers. A typical door will include a Door Strike/Mag Lock with a HID Edge Reader, (1) Cat 5e wire running to a PoE Switch, that's it! Installing Access Control has never been easier!

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Cybernetics Software Pvt. Ltd.

Cybernetics Software Pvt. Ltd is located in Pune, India. We started our development center in 2006 with the mission of producing smart systems for a variety of industries. It is our goal to produce high quality software that is capable of improving the efficiency and quality of our customer's organization, enhancing the profit.

At first, we developed the core competency in software solutions consisting of client server architecture as well as web based systems. Later, we expanded our capabilities to integrate the machines in our systems like Biometric Devices, Smart Card Readers, Security Cameras, Sensors, PLC, and Mobile Devices. We have also developed SMS Gateway so as to enhance our applications for better communication options.

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DICE Corporation

Central Station Automation Software

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Dot Origin

Dot Origin is a leading European provider of products and solutions in the field of smartcard technology. The company has a wealth of knowledge and experience which is used to advise customers, provide and develop solutions, and offer comprehensive support.

Having operated in the smartcard and IT security business since 1997, the company distributes HID's Omnikey range of smartcard readers and the Crescendo range of converged access control cards, supplying corporate and government end users, resellers and systems integrators.

Dot Origin's product development team has also launched EdgeConnector, a physical access control solution that uses the HID Edge range of IP-based controllers. EdgeConnector fully integrates within the customer's IT infrastructure by leveraging the existing IT user directory (such as Microsoft Active Directory) for managing access rights on a real-time basis.

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Dwelling Live

dwellingLIVE - Residential Edition is the premier Interactive Dwelling Solution, providing seamless communication and innovative tools to simplify and improve all aspects of the home and community. This multi-faceted system provides homeowners with online access to their complete home and community, ranging from all paint colors used to reserving an amenity within their community. dwellingLIVE automatically notifies homeowners of manufacturer's scheduled maintenance, along with important communication from the builder, HOA/property management, gate house, and parking patrol. Property management and security companies are also provided with the newest access control technologies. This system allows easy communication between all parties by creating a central hub. dwellingLIVE - Residential Edition is the premier solution to manage all aspects of home ownership and community living.

dwellingLIVE and HID share the vision of providing innovative, technology solutions to their customers - making for a long-term and synergistic relationship - with Edge and VertX™ Networked Access solutions continuing to be a key element in dwellingLIVE's strategy to provide the ultimate homeowner experience.

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Feenics inc.

Keep by Feenics, offers Physical Access Security Integrators the cloud-based solution that they've been waiting for. Resting on HID VertX/Edge hardware Keep enables a low barrier to entry for the integrator's smaller clients. Yet, our highly distributed, enterprise-ready design is the credible answer their most demanding global opportunities require. For more information and to arrange an online product demonstration please see our website: Feenics Inc.

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GateWorks Guest Access Management is the best solution to get your approved guests into your guard gated community quickly and efficiently.

GUARDS use the system to look up guests and print passes

  • Passes include directions to residents
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition

RESIDENTS go on-line to to enter their guests without having to call the guard house

  • Edit phone numbers & email address
  • View a history of guests

PROPERTY MANAGERS go on-line to manage the community's database and run reports at

  • Print reports of resident & guest data
  • Create announcements on

GateWorks includes 24/7 technical support & training.

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Genetec is a pioneer in the physical security and public safety industry and a global provider of world-class IP license plate recognition (LPR), video surveillance and access control solutions to markets such as transportation, education, retail, gaming, government and more. With sales offices and partnerships around the world, Genetec has established itself as the leader in innovative networked solutions by employing a high level of flexibility and forward-thinking principles into the development of its core technology and business solutions. Genetec's corporate culture is an extension of these very same principles, encouraging a dynamic and innovative workforce that is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge solutions and to exceptional customer care. For more information,

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Human Recognition Systems

MSite is Human Recognition Systems leading biometric access control solution that leverages industry best access control hardware and software from HID. The solution integrates biometric access control with a workforce management software platform designed specifically for the construction industry.

MSite has been designed and built entirely by Human Recognition Systems in consultation with a number of construction companies to provide a biometric identity assurance platform solely developed around the problems of managing staff working on construction sites. The solution offers real time accurate reporting on CSCS enforcement, time and attendance, Health and safety reporting, site emissions, locally sourced labour and muster reports, all of which ensures that MSite functionality meets the specific needs of the construction environment.

MSite was launched in 2007, since then Human Recognition Systems has worked with the top 5 UK construction companies; In 2009 Human Recognition Systems confirmed national agreements with Carillion, BAM and Speedy to roll out MSite across the UK and in 2010 Human Recognition Systems was shortlisted as a finalist in the Construction News Quality Awards.

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IDCUBE Identification Systems (P) Ltd.

Fuelled by focused R&D and project management experience gathered over the period, the IDCUBE offers effective and efficient information technology solutions with key competencies in RFID technology & Access Control Systems. The HRView and AssetPro are the two applications build over the HID's Edge and Vertx controller platform

HRView is the complete Web-based Time Attendance & Access Control Solution for multi branch enterprises with friendly user interfaces for personnel over the web-browser based on individual's privilege level.Real Time door, event & alarm monitoring. The application empowers a user to activate any actuator devices in various operating modes on receiving an input from any sensor hardware.

AssetPro is the complete Web-based Asset Authentication, Tracking and Reconciliation solution comprising of HID's Vertx/Edge controllers, Long distance readers and Tamper-proof Asset Tags with powerful reporting capabilities IDCUBE also offers to deliver Customized access, time attendance and reporting solutions with 24X7 online customer support and training

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IDN-Acme provides security products, access control solutions, and related services to locksmiths and security professionals. The company has been family-owned and operated for more than 70 years. IDN-Acme offers customers the strength and buying power of a national organization along with local product availability and personal, customized service.

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Imron Corporation

IMRON Corporation, a leader in systems integration solutions for Security and Access Control, has developed a unique, fully functioned, web based solution using HID's most reliable hardware platform, VertXTM. Imron's IS100-VertX allows businesses to manage all security needs from a simple browser interface. Imron integrates true access control with video DVRs and NVRs, Analog or IP-based Cameras, Alarm Systems, Central Stations and more. With no software to install, no dedicated PC, and easy to use browser based controls, IS100-VertX requires minimal training. Best of all, the system is economical for 2 to 64 doors making Imron the choice for security.

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IMSYS – Integrated Mobile SYStems

IPAS, provides real time visibility of people & assets while enabling automated data collection of asset information & location. IPAS Secure uses active RFID to track the location of people and assets throughout facilities. Combined with HID Global Access control technology, IPAS gives you the ability to monitor and manage facilities & key business processes while securing doors, gates and entrances. IPAS monitors movements of people, assets and shipments anywhere with a reader network and governs those movements with a system of rules. IPAS Secure is a high quality, cost effective end to end solution that incorporates network video management solutions as well video analytics.

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Integrated MATRIX Solutions

ezDOOR is a hosted access control solution allowing users to easily manage their building(s) via any connection to the internet. The system allows you to configure controllers, users, doors and sites using an intuitive user interfaced software.  It Features:

  • Control panels are self-discovered and configured through the software
  • Software manages users, cards and doors for one site or multiple sites
  • Works with most web browsers, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
  • Software is fully customizable for OEM customers
  • Very cost effective

ezDOOR is the perfect solution for property and facility managers. Call 937-222-2228 for more information.

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Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is a global diversified technology and industrial leader serving customers in more than 150 countries. Our 162,000 employees create quality integrated technologies, products, and services to create optimized environments that protect people and secure assets. We offer a comprehensive approach to creating and delivering safety and security solutions tailored to your specific needs, including access control, video surveillance, perimeter protection, physical security information management, emergency response and master planning. We work with clients and suppliers around the world to design and implement solutions that deliver simplicity of operation, enhanced effectiveness and cost-effective protection.

The Johnson Controls P2000 security management system integrates with virtually any security and building system technology, increasing productivity by providing a single-platform view of video surveillance, access control, enterprise IT, fire and intrusion alarms, elevator controls and building management. The open-architecture of the P2000 lowers operational costs and creates safer and more efficient business environments, while meeting the integration needs of legacy analog systems and equipment. The P2000 also provides users with an added benefit of having a planned technology update/migration plan for aging older equipment.

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Macleay Solutions Inc.

Macleay Solutions Inc. is an Oregon based company that serves architects, homeowners and businesses with the design and installation of both residential and commercial automation systems. With an experienced design and engineering staff, we evaluate our client's needs and offer a customer suited solution.

We specialize in systems that allow access control to be fully integrated with building or home automation. These systems provide for centralized control, convenience and operational savings that enhance any lifestyle or business.

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MAXxess "Makes Security A Business Advantage". MAXxess adaptive solutions provide customer's with operational continuity and investment protection. Our Adaptive Security Framework allows us to integrate both existing customer security infrastructures as well as new and emerging technologies. MAXxess solutions are event-driven, IP-based and integrate most safety, security and emergency management functions.

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Micro Key

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Middleware Associates

Middleware Associates has worked in close collaboration with the HID EDGE product development team since April, 2004. Middleware develops desktop and web based host software for the HID Edge Product line. In addition Middleware offers professional services based on the EDGE Platform. These services include specification development for integration to existing enterprise information systems, IP video integration development, as well as custom enterprise security application development specific for end users' needs.

Middleware Associates' PC-based Edge Responder® software is simple to use and ideal as a cost-effective access control solution for the 2-32 reader market. Edge Responder has been proven in over 500 production environments to date. Middleware has also developed the Solo Import Utility for the HID Edge Solo devices, allowing end users to import all information into Solo units from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which saves hours of manual data entry.

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NetAccess Controls Inc.

NetAccess Controls is an HID OEM partner connecting HID hardware with software solutions. NetAccess, EDGE, VertX is accessible, simple, expandable & reliable. The IP based products provide for quick & technologically relevant solutions.

Company Contact: Tibor Legath 450-656-4837

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Next Level Security Systems

Next Level Security Systems is a physical security company focused on developing a new breed of networked security solutions. Next Level’s products combine the performance, sophistication and functionality of enterprise-class security systems in a compact, unified and affordable solution. The award-winning NLSS Gateway is a unified solution that combines video management, access control, analytics, intrusion and more into a single, easy-to-use networked platform. With NLSS Cloud Services, it is accessible and controllable from anywhere through a web-browser and includes advanced deployment tools such as auto-discovery and provisioning. Best of all, the NLSS Gateway is available at one all-inclusive price.

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Since 1997 NFive maintains a strong research & development team working on the creation and continuous improvement on software products for the Identification and Security markets. Some of the key products of the company are the well know CardFive (Card Design and Printing Software); TimeFive (Time Attendance) and AccessFive (Access Control).

AccessFive - Access Control Software

AccessFive addresses the complexity of access control with a clean interface, simplicity, ease of use and all the power to manage:
Users & Groups, Multiple Tokens, Zones & Sub-Zones, Doors and Terminals, Events, Comprehensive Data mining. . .resulting in a short learning curve and customer satisfaction out of the box.

With total HID Networked access solutions integration, AccessFive manages VertX and Edge controllers from events to terminal configurations and card formats.

Some of the applications of AccessFive. . .Companies Offices Factories Stores Restaurants, Day-care center Schools Libraries Airports Markets, Hospitals Stadiums Research centers and many others..

Contact Details:

Edificio OneWorld, Urb. Belo Horizonte Lt20, 2655 - 241 Ericeira, Portugal
Tel: +351 261 860 450
Fax: +351 261 865 647

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Patriot Systems

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PCSC is a leading supplier of products and services for electronic access control and facility management applications in domestic and international markets. PCSC also offers sophisticated access control management software, integrated video badging, CCTV control, alarm graphics, elevator control and video event recording. PCSC is a subsidiary of TTIK, Inc., and has been in business since 1983. Visit for more information.

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Secure Network Systems, LLC.

The SNS CRITSEC® solution converges physical and IT/network security into an appliance that drops into your existing infrastructure seamlessly. Reuse many elements of your existing investments in security, and be confident that future technologies can be integrated, thanks to CRITSEC's standards-based architecture.

Certified by the US GSA for FIPS 201 and showcased at NIST, the solution family encompasses single building, campuses and remote facilities into a single access control/management platform. Proven in challenging Emergency Management situations with its sister product NIMS-IMPACT®, mobile access control and existing building controls can work in interoperable manner and result in cost-effective, improved protection.

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Security Shells Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Security Shells is incorporated with a vision to provide 'Identity & Access Management Solutions' to its customers spanning in different verticals from industrial & manufacturing, IT/ITES, Government & Defense Institutions, banks & financial Institutions, logistic businesses, education Institutions and hospitality Industry.

Lot of security solutions are developed to secure a Premise may it be Access Control, Fire Detection & Alarm, Intrusion detection etc. But for any organization & cutting across all verticals, 'Identity' also plays a crucial role. It’s the people only who work in the Premises of the organization may it be 'Internal' OR 'External'.

At SSI, 'Identity' is the core & all the developed applications/solutions would be revolving around securing that 'Identity'.

Security Shells Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (SSI) is OEM Partner to HID. SSI being NAS OEM Partner, has developed Access Control & Time Attendance Solution (Application) on HID Controller Platform. We have also developed Visitor Management System which is integrated with Access Control Solution.

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SimpleID Security Management Software

SimpleID software designed by T-Rex Security Systems unlocks the power of the most advanced access control hardware currently available in the industry: HID Edge IP card readers and VertX controllers. Combining the unique benefits of the new generation hardware with the user-friendly graphic interface, SimpleID provides an ideal solution for network-based security projects.

The main quality that distinguishes SimpleID software from other access control solutions is the intuitive user interface. Clear icons and logical layout of the features allow new operators to start using the software without training or need to consult user manuals.

In addition to supporting all standard access control features, SimpleID software offers alarm monitoring, vector graphics maps, animated event display, biometric reader support, time & attendance reports, multi-lingual interface and automated database maintenance.

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Sistemas Integrales de Automatización, S.A. de C.V. (SIASA)

AXS.NET is a web-based Access Control System that is easy and quick to implement, developed for the small to medium market requirements. The system controls and manages the access of employees, visitors, vendors, etc. that require access to your facilities. The web interface allows the use of the current network infrastructure, and to install and setup the software without complications. Transactions are also viewed online and can be monitored using any PC in the network. Very user friendly and compatible with HID hardware such as Edge and VertX as well as with some biometric technologies. AXS.NET provides affordable security to your business.

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Skyrity Technology

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Snehapadma Software Technologies Pvt Ltd

Technology for Harmony is motto of Snehapadma. Started by people who share this vision, Snehapadma derives its strength from employees engaged in research and development who come from best of the companies and best of technology institutions like IIT. With main focus on application of information technology to solve issues involving identity theft at workplace; Snehapadma has products like biometric (fingerprint) attendance and access control systems and single sign-on. Situated in knowledge hub of India, Pune, Snehapadma has access to expert human capital and excellent infrastructure. Snehapadma has been HID NAS Partner of the Year 2009 in Indian Region.

Snehapadma CentralStation™ brings to you a unified, realtime, multi-location, central monitoring system for access control. It has various subsystems in it viz: Credential, Access, Area and Schedule Management; Central Monitoring, Emergency Response Management. Snehapadma CentralStation™ also includes an advanced Time Office system. It supports various time events mechanisms like in/out, break times, inter site travels and off site work. Time Office consists manpower planning, leave management, shift management, overtime management, reporting tool and employee self-help application. It is configurable to suit even most unique time office requirements and workflows.

Snehapadma Visitor Management System is a combination of Visitor Information System and Visitor Enrollment System, which keeps track of visitor's information, belongings, time events he/she enters into campus till he/he exits. This system also alerts the security, if a visitor enters into prohibited area or spends more than allotted time into given area. Snehapadma VMS takes care of all security needs in terms of visitor management. Follow the feature list to know more about Snehapadma VMS.

Contact : Satish Kurkure - Director
Address : 4 Sanket, Plot 1, Sankalp Society, Paud Road, Pune MH 411038 India
email : [email protected]
Cell: +91-9890-044196

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Terralink Technologies International Corp.

TerraID – Software for access control, alarm monitoring and time attendance.

TerraID software is designed by TerraLink. It’s possible to make integration with the global equipment manufacturer. The system is compatible with IP-controllers HID VertX and EDGE Host.

TerraID provides a simple and easy way to organize the access control system of any size. Wide range of card readers and HID (iCLASS, Mifare, Prox, Crescendo, multiCLASS, bioCLASS) allows you to develop a solution to almost any complexity, and satisfy all customer requirements.

TerraID has user-friendly graphics interface, supports Russian and English languages. The program performs regular backups of the database and deletes obsolete files automatically.

There is an impressive potential for modification and expansion. You can create a system with a single IP-reader and a free Trial-version of the software and then expand it by connecting to thousands of readers.

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Vecta Access Control Software

Vecta Access Control Software supports all basic functions of an access control system, a lot of unique advanced features, user friendly interface, and many other innovations. Thanks to close business relationships with HID Global, Vecta was one of the first software which is able to support VertX™ Networked Access solutions.

Alarm mode, Cardholder configuration, Reporter, Badging, Time & Attendance applications provide compete solution suiting most customer requirements. Many individual modules are available for customer needs. Due to sophisticated architecture Vecta ACS can have its functionality expanded easily by simply adding new modules and hardware drivers.

A powerful solution for access control, fire and security system

Contact us:
Lynx Technologies
14 Krasnokazarmennaja st.,
Moscow, 111250, Russia
Tel.: +7-(495) 362-75-15
Fax: +7-(495) 362-72-64
E-mail: [email protected]

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