Physical Access

for door, parking and gate access.

Physical Access Control Solutions

HID Global offers the most comprehensive selection of physical access control solutions in the industry. From cards and readers, to controllers, we support a wide array of options enabling management of identities and secure access for door, parking and gate control. 

For over 24 years, HID Global physical access solutions have been successfully implemented and are trusted by government agencies and industry leaders worldwide.



HID Global has a long history of innovation with its groundbreaking reader technologies. Today, we offer the most dynamic , secure line of readers in the industry. Our award-winning iCLASS SE® platform supports multiple credential technologies and new solutions that enable the use of mobile devices for accessing doors, parking facilities and gates.

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HID Global supports the widest range of credential technologies in the industry for managing door, parking and gate access. Choose from high-frequency, ultra-high frequency, low-frequency or multi-technology options. Our award winning iCLASS SE® product line, powered by Seos® offers the ability to manage secure identities on a variety of form factors including cards, fobs, wristbands and mobile devices.

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Networked Access

HID Global offers networked access solutions that easily integrate with a wide variety of PACS systems. Whether you are seeking traditional panel access or the newest trend of putting intelligence at the door, HID Global offers secure control and communication without proprietary technology and protocols. 

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