iCLASS® Elite & SE Elite

The HID Elite Credential Programs offer the most advanced level of card-to-reader security available, with unique authentication keys for each customer.


Credential Programs - iCLASS Elite and SE Elite

When using iCLASS contactless smart card technology, the iCLASS Elite Program offers security professionals a custom authentication key that provide increase to their existing security. HID assigns the key to guarantee uniqueness, and programs the site-specific readers and credentials for organizations to use across the enterprise worldwide. The mutual authentication and encryption features of the technology enhance the "peace of mind" offered by this solution.

In addition to the increased security provided by HID's Secure Identity Object™ (SIO) Enabled technology, the SE Elite program is also available for the complete line of SIO-Enabled (SE) credentials. Elite protection is independent from SIO-Enabled security as it protects the authentication keys between the physical access reader and the end user device, whereas SIO-Enabled security protects the data stored in the end user device and is not tied to the authentication between the reader and device.

How it Works

How it Works

The iCLASS Elite and SE Elite programs includes a credential format and custom authentication key (specifically assigned to each customer). To use the program is simple; end users receive their own proprietary key. This key protects the card number within the access control application of the card. Cards and readers are programmed in the HID factory to match. Only matching cards and readers will work together, further prohibiting cards and readers from foreign populations to enter and function within the company's Elite secured population. In addition, end users can use any format, including the HID Corporate 1000 format and the flexibility to choose any access control hardware/software platform, or any HID system provider.

iCLASS Elite and SE Elite are available for qualified end-users via formal enrollment and acceptance by HID Global. A custom authentication key provides increase security. HID assigns the key to guarantee uniqueness, and programs the site-specific readers and credentials. This private key is shared between the iCLASS or SE credential and the Elite enabled physical access reader. The reader will only be able to authenticate credentials that are loaded with the same private key following mutual authentication. In combination with the HID's Corporate 1000 Program, the iCLASS Elite and SE Elite programs offers customers multiple layers of card to reader security.

For additional information see the HID Elite Program Request & Authorization Form and the PACS Credential Program Terms of Use. Already signed up and need to make changes? See the HID Elite Change Form.

Corporate 1000 Program

  • Simple, centralized management for credentials
  • Alternative to in-house card production
  • Card-number sequences are tracked for increased security