Authentication Technologies

Extended Access Technologies embed trust into the world’s digital devices using innovative authentication technologies.

Employee Verification

Solutions for Remote Work Environments

Today, more than ever, organizations are having to deal with remote work and work-from-home scenarios. Employees are working on laptops outside of traditional environments and need either single-sign-on (SSO), supporting fast password-less authentication or multi-factor authentication (MFA) for increased security. Both biometric fingerprint readers, to validate fingerprints, and RFID credential readers, to validate smartcards for controlled access to resources, provide an end-to-end solution that transforms how organizations protect their digital integrity.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy integration with your existing infrastructure
  • Established provider with already-successful customers in a large variety of network environments
  • Highest level of data encryption to comply with industry regulations
  • Fast login-access
  • Ability to quickly authenticate between multiple users
  • Sophisticated accessibility of actions, depending on the authorization level of the user