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Posted: 21 Oct 2020
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Mobile banking has it all: convenience, speed and financial insight — not to mention that customers love it. Citi's study shows that mobile banking adoption is skyrocketing and ranks third in popularity among app...

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Posted: 16 Oct 2020
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With the current global pandemic, there has never been more focus on the use of mobile technology to deliver identity credentials to a remote audience. Social interactions are restricted, and there is a great need for citizens to be able to prove their identity online, over the phone or even at a distance. In this blog post, I take a look at how biometrics can help in delivering and securing...

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Posted: 12 Oct 2020
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The path to implementation of mobile ID has perhaps been longer than the market expected with legislation particularly slow to respond to the pace of technology. There have been many pilots around the world, mainly for mobile driver licenses, but generally these projects haven’t progressed into full blown...

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Posted: 30 Sep 2020
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One of the most recent, and relevant, advancements within access control was the introduction of mobile access functionality — a feature that piggybacks on the general mobility trend to enhance the user experience with physical access control. Let’s go back to the basics and discuss what this technology is and...

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Posted: 29 Sep 2020
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A new school is built because either one doesn’t exist in the area or the current school does not have enough space to accommodate the population of a certain area. The foundation of that decision is often statistics: the number of registered births, the number of school children nearby that might attend that school, the number of inhabitants that might possibly have more children in the...

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Posted: 21 Sep 2020
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Back in 2015, HID Global was one of the first advocates of mobile identity for government-issued documents. When we started to promote that idea, few could imagine that one day there would be legally enforceable documents issued on a mobile phone. It’s been a long and sometimes slow journey, but now in 2020, not only have we proudly launched the...

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Posted: 17 Sep 2020
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Physical identity and access management (PIAM) is key to securing your bank premises, sensitive locations and financial data. When choosing a PIAM platform, check that it will cover all of your banking security needs. This blog post contains some questions you can ask to ensure you choose a...

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Posted: 07 Sep 2020
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An integrated approach to the design of security documents is one of the fundamental building blocks on which secure identity documents are created. Design should be a circular process that evolves and iterates to accommodate the document’s many features and manufacturing processes, with manufacturers and designers working together every step of the way. To be effective, this integrated...

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Posted: 27 Aug 2020
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Hospitals are seeing a surge in patients and a loss of revenue. By streamlining processes like visitor management and onboarding contractors and employees, hospitals can focus on securing their facilities, mitigating risks and delivering revenue-driving procedures.


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Posted: 26 Aug 2020
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Today’s Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) face many challenges, with the estimated cost of breaches, identity theft and cybercrime expected to double from $3 trillion in 2015 to $6 trillion in 2021. Credential theft is linked to...

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