How Rapid Onboarding Increases Hospital Revenue

Hospitals are seeing a surge in patients and a loss of revenue. By streamlining processes like visitor management and onboarding contractors and employees, hospitals can focus on securing their facilities, mitigating risks and delivering revenue-driving procedures.

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How a Visitor Management System Enhances Patient Care

Effective visitor management is essential at any medical facility, but perhaps never more so than at children's hospitals and pediatric specialists. The right type of hospital visitor system can contribute towards care, giving children and their families the time, safety and reassurance they need to reduce anxiety and stress.

Creating a Visitor Management System & Patient System That Work Together

Hospitals and clinics are places where everyone deserves to feel safe — staff, patients, employees, contractors, and others. Part of that security comes from having a strong and robust visitor management system that allows you to understand and control everyone coming into the facility.

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Why a Hospital Visitor Management System Is a Vital Part of the Healthcare Experience

Families entrust your medical facility with the care of their loved ones, and part of that is balancing security and accessibility to create a welcoming and safe environment. Get that balance right, and you can reduce the stress that goes with being at a hospital or clinic. Get it wrong, and it can become more challenging to manage anxious family members or friends.

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Four Ways To Keep Your Workplace Protected During a Global Health Emergency

How Our Customers are Using HID SAFE™ Visitor Management to Minimize Infection Risks

In an emergency, workplace preparation and clear communication are critical. We’ve compiled a list of essential best practices learned from customers, including ones in healthcare, that are helping to reduce the impact from the current outbreak and other infectious diseases:

Healthcare Providers: Managing Workplace Violence and Patient Visitors Go Hand-in-Hand

Workplace violence is on the rise in the U.S., with hospital employees being common targets of assault and other attacks. These incidents often come from patients, but many are perpetrated by patient families and visitors. Managing these visitors to hospitals and other medical facilities can go a long way towards preventing workplace violence. In this article, we’ll explore the impact to healthcare employees, the best ways to monitor and control visitors, and how to improve safety for hospital employees, patients, visitors and others.

5 Ways Subscription-Delivered Authentication Will Benefit Healthcare Security

What’s Keeping Healthcare Industry Executives and Stakeholders up at Night?

At the recent HealthCare Executive Group’s 30th Annual meeting, more than 100 executives from payer, provider and technology partner organizations ranked the top 10 challenges, issues and opportunities they expect to face in 2019.