Identity Assurance

More Convenience. Less Risk. What CISOs Want From Advanced Authentication

Today’s Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) face many challenges, with the estimated cost of breaches, identity theft and cybercrime expected to double from $3 trillion in 2015 to $6 trillion in 2021. Credential theft is linked to 80 percent of hacking-related breaches, making it an enormously high priority for every organization. Many password-related issues fall into two categories.

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Identity and Access Management (IAM) is central to keeping business applications, systems, and data secure. The evolution of the cybersecurity landscape means that IAM vendors need to adapt quickly, listen to their customers, and develop authentication systems that protect employees, customers, and other users across the enterprise.

SOC Compliance Still the Best Around

Here’s a not-so-fictional scenario: You sign up for a cloud service, one that is going to help transform your digital journey, connect you closer to your customers and streamline business processes. The ROI is impressive. Everyone on your team has signed off on this.

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Customer-Friendly Digital Onboarding With Advanced Identity Verification Technologies

What’s the key to winning new business in the banking industry? Increasingly, it’s a customer-friendly onboarding process that also makes it easy to gather vital customer information, conduct identity checks and fully comply with mandatory KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. And with the recent worldwide quarantines, getting to KYC remotely is more important than ever.

FIDO2 and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Explained

FIDO2 is a series of specifications designed to create an authentication protocol for the web and online services. FIDO2 makes use of public-key cryptography and other technologies to provide strong authentication when logging into online services from a desktop or mobile device. Let’s dig into common questions around FIDO2: what it is, how it works, and its relationship with PKI.

Merging Digital Identity & Authentication in Banking

The banking sector is going through significant digital transformation, driven by the need for greater efficiencies, customer demands, security requirements, technological innovation, and increasing regulations. On the customer side, account holders are seeking a better customer experience, focused on digital technology and access, especially across mobile devices. On the information side, communications protocols are ensuring data is exchanged and managed properly across the financial ecosystem.

A Security Playbook for Working from Home

Chances are you are deep in the middle of a remote working scenario that is not of your own creation. The current infectious disease outbreak has sent workforces everywhere scrambling. Employees who have never worked remotely suddenly find themselves dispatched to home offices, IT is under incredible stress, and—as of this writing—it’s hard to predict when we will return to normal.

Hang in there, brave, kindred IT spirit! You’re not alone.

Cryptography, Then and Now

Largely the province of military and government powers throughout history, cryptography has evolved significantly over time. From its secretive beginnings as a way to keep sensitive written messages safe from enemies, cryptography has morphed into multiple uses for confidentiality and integrity. This method of hidden (from the Greek kryptόs) writing (from the Greek gráphō) has moved from clay tablets to parchment and paper, to the telegraph line, to eventually underpinning the electronic code that facilitates communication and online transactions in our modern lives.

Fraud Detection and Financial Crime Risk Management

Cybercriminals are using ever-evolving, sophisticated techniques to steal user identities, data and money. At the same time, customers are demanding ubiquitous access to their financial information and banking services. These two factors combine to create a complex threat landscape that requires strong technology, constant vigilance, and fraud detection to protect financial systems and information from hackers.

Corporate Espionage: Are You Prepared for the Threat from Within?

When you hear the word “espionage,” which spy movie comes to mind?

007? Jason Bourne? Mission Impossible? Unfortunately, corporate espionage isn’t just in the movies—it’s a real threat that has become an ever-evolving challenge to companies large and small. No matter the industry, if your company develops any form of new technology or intellectual property of interest to your competitors, you could be at risk.