Identity Management

Why You Should Consider FIDO Universal 2-Factor Authentication

Most IT and cybersecurity professionals have at least occasional anxiety about when the next major virus, ransomware or swarm bot will hit. With the bulk of data breaches occurring at the network perimeter—as users get their emails and go online—user authentication software is a primary concern.

The Role of PKI and Credential Management in Modern Authentication

While we enjoy the business opportunities, productivity gains and user conveniences of our data-driven economy, we certainly do not enjoy the cost and devastation of having accounts hacked, clients’ data stolen or employees’ identities misused.

Citizen Authentication and Mobility

State governments, municipalities and other local agencies can sometimes struggle with authenticating their citizens, particularly in an increasingly mobile world. Effective identity and access management is vital to protecting sensitive data but must be balanced against the need for citizens to have access to their own information.

SaaS Security for Banks—Your Questions, Answered

Business, customer and account security are critical for banks and other financial organizations. Banks are continually re-evaluating how they provide robust protection across all of their technology, and there’s been a recent shift in the approach. The ongoing move to cloud-based technologies means that banks are increasingly looking for Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, and secure apps are vital.

October is National Cybersecurity Month

As a collaborative effort between the government and the cybersecurity industry, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) is held every October. The educational month helps raise awareness of how businesses and individuals can protect themselves online. With criminals, hackers, and other bad actors continually developing how they attack and gain access to systems and data, we must educate ourselves on the best ways to defend against it.

HID SAFE Is Now Certified to the ISO 27001 Security Standard

We’re delighted to announce that HID® SAFE™, our enterprise-class physical identity and access management (IAM) system, is now certified to the rigorous ISO 27001 international security standard. The family of 27000 ISO standards is designed to ensure organizations can protect and manage the security of vital assets, including:

8 Key Authentication Terms You're Probably Misusing

Whether it’s in whitepapers, news stories, sell sheets, or on display at trade shows, industry jargon around authentication is practically inescapable. In today’s threat landscape, there’s certainly justification for keeping these topics front-of-mind and sparking conversation.

Access & Identity Management—Better in the Cloud?

Today’s fast-changing digital environment is throwing identity and authentication challenges at us from every direction. Remote workforces, mobile apps, the Internet of Things (IoT) and increasingly complex data theft schemes just keep upping cybersecurity risks in every type of organization.

Six Tips to Enhance Airport Security and Deliver a Great Experience

Part of the FAA’s mission is to make sure that airports comply with security standards to keep employees, passengers, and others safe when they are on the ground and in the air, but managing compliance with FAA rules and airport security policy can be complicated. Ensuring that airport employees, temporary contractors and other personnel get to work quickly and easily requires a balance of security and safety.

Approaches to Identity and Access Management for Local Governments, Employees and Citizens

Identity and access management (IAM) is top-of-mind for IT departments across state governments, municipalities, and other local areas. Government employees need properly-authorized access to relevant information so that state and regional agencies can perform their roles. At the same time, the need to balance ease-of-access to data with the sensitivity of information about individuals, organizations, and other parties is critical.