Identity Management

6 Cybersecurity Fundamentals Your Organization Needs

In December 2020, a significant number of organizations and US Government agencies were victims of a sophisticated cybersecurity attack started primarily by a trojan backdoor hidden in a routine update of SolarWinds Orion software. While experts are still uncovering details, they have concluded that the attackers successfully perpetrated a complex attack with multiple attack vectors.

How PIAM Protects Customer Data for Banks

A customer’s bank data is only as secure as your weakest link, and in many cases that’s the physical aspect of protecting bank premises, assets and sensitive locations. Robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) is critical to both logical and physical security.

Creating Frictionless Mobile and Online Transactions

Financial institutions, application makers, and FinTech startups have a tricky needle to thread — ensuring that their customer and business data has the highest levels of protection without making financial applications hard to use. It’s a common problem, as the more sophisticated online apps and integrations become, the more difficult it is to secure identities.

EPCS Compliance Is Here — Are You Ready?

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) is here. Many states have already adopted the rules associated with this new regulation and the remaining states are expected to become compliant over the next couple of years. If you're involved in prescribing or distributing medication, then you need to understand the impact EPCS will have on you. We'll break down why EPCS compliance is needed, how to become compliant and how we can help.

What is Cloud-Based PKIaaS and Why Does it Matter?

Public key infrastructure (PKI) is evolving. Enterprises are increasingly moving away from expensive, on-site PKI and towards easily scalable, flexible, demand-driven cloud solutions. We know you’ve got questions about how cloud-based PKI can enhance your cybersecurity posture, and we’ve got the answers.

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Benefits of Containerization Technology

Application containerization has made building, testing and deploying security software much faster and easier. The containerization concept is relatively straightforward — create a secure, self-contained development environment where technicians can independently create and run code and resources without affecting anything else in the IT ecosystem.

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How Banks Use PIAM to Minimize Insider Threats

Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) is a vital security tool to keep bank and customer data safe. Although many of the attacks against banking systems come from remote hacking attempts, banks equally need to protect against the exploitation of physical security. The main threat to a bank’s physical security comes not from external bad actors, but internal threats from the workforce, contractors, partners, and others.

How to Boost Employee Safety With Visitor Management

At the beginning of the pandemic, several HID customers, including Electronic Arts, Florida Power & Light, and Capital One Bank, talked with us about rapidly updating their visitor management systems with new visitor policies, workflows, wellness screening checks and compliance dashboards.

What is Passwordless Authentication?

Passwordless Authentication — Your Questions, Answered

Customer-Friendly Digital Onboarding With Advanced Identity Verification Technologies

What’s the key to winning new business in the banking industry? Increasingly, it’s a user-friendly digital onboarding process that also makes it easy to gather vital customer information, conduct identity checks and fully comply with mandatory KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations.

Onboarding is often tedious and time-consuming. However, the undeniable fact is that without a fast, seamless identity verification path, you risk losing potential customers before they even test your services.