Physical Identity & Access Management

Creating a Visitor Management System & Patient System That Work Together

Hospitals and clinics are places where everyone deserves to feel safe — staff, patients, employees, contractors, and others. Part of that security comes from having a strong and robust visitor management system that allows you to understand and control everyone coming into the facility.

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What the Future Holds for Unified Access Control

The future of access control is a dynamic landscape with unprecedented sophistication and capabilities. As with any uncharted territory, new risks result as well. Regulations such as GDPR, California privacy laws and others continue to impact how businesses deploy and manage security solutions. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with ever-evolving regulations with limited legacy technologies and associated compounded security risks.

Why a Hospital Visitor Management System Is a Vital Part of the Healthcare Experience

Families entrust your medical facility with the care of their loved ones, and part of that is balancing security and accessibility to create a welcoming and safe environment. Get that balance right, and you can reduce the stress that goes with being at a hospital or clinic. Get it wrong, and it can become more challenging to manage anxious family members or friends.

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6 Physical Access Security Tips for Returning to the Workplace

Speaking with HID Global customers around the globe, we’re sharing helpful guidance during this unprecedented time.

Emergency Badging: Securing Vulnerable Environments in Times of Crisis

Given the current environment in the world we live in today, I’ve been thinking quite a lot about what HID can do to help, and I have been reaching out to my contacts in the healthcare industry to better understand their needs during this time of crisis.

You likely know that HID provides solutions for various industry sectors such as healthcare, government and emergency services, and I’d like to share some of the real-life challenges these sectors are facing.

WorkforceID Recognized as an Outstanding Security Product

HID Global understands the need to unify identification and access credentials management with ease-of-use and outstanding security. That’s why we were honored when our recently launched WorkforceID™ physical identity and access management cloud platform, received a Govie award.

Four Ways To Keep Your Workplace Protected During a Global Health Emergency

How Our Customers are Using HID SAFE™ Visitor Management to Minimize Infection Risks

In an emergency, workplace preparation and clear communication are critical. We’ve compiled a list of essential best practices learned from customers, including ones in healthcare, that are helping to reduce the impact from the current outbreak and other infectious diseases:

Introducing WorkforceID™: Physical Identity and Access Management Cloud Service

Today we’re excited to announce the public preview of WorkforceID, HID Global’s new identity management cloud service. It provides an ever-expanding set of cyber and physical identity access management applications, which help your organization address its continually evolving workforce and visitor security, compliance, and business challenges.

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Healthcare Providers: Managing Workplace Violence and Patient Visitors Go Hand-in-Hand

Workplace violence is on the rise in the U.S., with hospital employees being common targets of assault and other attacks. These incidents often come from patients, but many are perpetrated by patient families and visitors. Managing these visitors to hospitals and other medical facilities can go a long way towards preventing workplace violence. In this article, we’ll explore the impact to healthcare employees, the best ways to monitor and control visitors, and how to improve safety for hospital employees, patients, visitors and others.

Machine Learning: A Stepping Stone to AI-Led Security

The digital transformation of security is happening now. IoT, cloud, and mobile technologies are providing new solutions for our security challenges; they also add to the already very complex security landscape. New attack vectors, social engineering, and malicious technologies are rapidly increasing in sophistication and approach. How do we stay ahead of the curve, combining robust preventative methods with proactive identity and access management to ensure our workplace and data are protected?