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Posted: 01 Jun 2020
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Here’s a not-so-fictional scenario: You sign up for a cloud service, one that is going to help transform your digital journey, connect you closer to your customers and streamline business processes. The ROI is impressive. Everyone on your team has signed off on this.


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Posted: 29 May 2020
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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a successful technology for contactless identification of assets to create trusted identities that help optimize processes, prevent errors and increase safety. Two successful RFID technologies have emerged over the past years:
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • RAIN® RFID (formerly known as UHF RFID)...
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Posted: 27 May 2020
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What’s the key to winning new business in the banking industry? Increasingly, it’s a customer-friendly onboarding process that also makes it easy to gather vital customer information, conduct identity checks and fully comply with mandatory KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. And with the recent worldwide quarantines, getting to KYC remotely is more...

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Posted: 21 May 2020
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As the world increasingly moves towards assuring each individual’s identity, so does the need to collect and manage more biometric data as a means to uniquely enroll and identify individuals. But sharing our biometric data means that we are exposed to the same identity theft risks as when we share other important data, such as financial account data, address history, employer history and more...

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Posted: 18 May 2020
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Speaking with HID Global customers around the globe, we’re sharing helpful guidance during this unprecedented time.

There’s no doubt about it: the global pandemic will change the way we live, work, and conduct business for some time. Over the past several weeks, we’ve been working with customers to enable a safe return to the workplace. We’ve observed that the number of challenges in...

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Posted: 11 May 2020
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Newer generations of ID technologies make the world of identity systems more interesting and visible — and invite a second look at the wider systems design principles and smart customer behaviors.

Today, everyone can see the world of identity changing from the outside. We use ID management tools such as mobile phones every day of our lives. We prove our identity and authenticate...

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Posted: 07 May 2020
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Given the current environment in the world we live in today, I’ve been thinking quite a lot about what HID can do to help, and I have been reaching out to my contacts in the healthcare industry to better understand their needs during this time of crisis.

You likely know that HID provides solutions for various industry sectors such as healthcare...

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Posted: 05 May 2020
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FIDO2 is a series of specifications designed to create an authentication protocol for the web and online services. FIDO2 makes use of public-key cryptography and other technologies to provide strong authentication when logging into online services from a desktop or mobile device. Let’s dig...

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Posted: 05 May 2020
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There has been some talk recently that the COVID-19 outbreak will spell the end for biometric devices that require contact. This is based on the premise that people will be hesitant to touch a surface that any other member of the public has previously come into contact with. The rumor goes that contact-based fingerprint scanners are heading to the scrap heap within two to three years. You can...

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Posted: 29 Apr 2020
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HID Global understands the need to unify identification and access credentials management with ease-of-use and outstanding security. That’s why we were honored when our recently launched WorkforceID™ physical identity and access management cloud platform, received a...

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