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Posted: 22 Jul 2014

IFSEC International is one of the most important EMEA trade show events and we were delighted that it proved to be yet another exceptional success for HID Global. Visitors to HID Global’s booth were greeted with the overarching theme of ‘Create, Manage and Use,’ addressing our broad range of secure identity solutions. Over the three days, our booth was constantly busy with prospects...

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Posted: 14 Apr 2014

At ISC West this year, attendees faced many secure access challenges, from limited budgets to a complex credential management process. The economic recovery is likely to further increase complexity by fueling mergers and acquisitions, more remote working, and greater need to recognize, identify and authenticate employees as seamlessly, conveniently and efficiently as possible.  Add to these...

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Posted: 15 Jan 2014

I’m pleased to say that yesterday HID Global announced the opening of our new World Headquarters and North American Operations Center in Austin, Texas with an audience of dignitaries that included Chairman Michael T. McCaul (Texas) of the House Homeland Security Committee, State...

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Posted: 03 Dec 2013

CARTES Paris has traditionally been a resounding success for HID Global and CARTES 2013 was no exception. This year, booth attendees were consistently saying that it was the busiest the show has been for years with 2013 marking a major rejuvenation of the largest contactless technology-centric trade event in EMEA. This was certainly reflected at HID Global’s booth, where there was a constant...

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Posted: 06 Nov 2013

Change in the access control industry, together with innovation, is occurring at a rapid pace.   The virtualization of contactless smart cards, and their residency on smartphones, allows a whole host of new innovative thinking, along with the ability to combine many access control applications into a single, very convenient solution.

Recent new developments include using hand gestures...

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Posted: 08 Oct 2013

With ASIS International 2013 behind us, I was reflecting on how this year’s event reached a new high for HID Global with the introduction of an exciting and engaging way for customers to interact with our solutions for creating, using and managing secure identities.  Throughout the event, our booth was abuzz with virtual market tours, including:

  • ...
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Posted: 10 Sep 2013

It is often said that innovation comes from the confluence of several existing technologies. Today, we have such an event occurring now in smartphones, with the de facto inclusion of accelerometers, the addition of personal wireless technology (NFC and Bluetooth), and a powerful computing platform that is (almost) always connected.  Voila!

This is a perfect recipe for...

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Posted: 18 Jun 2013

The modern healthcare facility must contend with a difficult combination of increasing crime, tightening regulations, and economic challenges as administrators and their security teams strive to protect people, property and sensitive data.   The International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) reported in its 2012 Crime and Security Trends Survey that the number of...

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Posted: 20 May 2013

As both personal and corporate data and applications move to the cloud and mobile devices, the saying “trust but verify” takes on new meaning.  It captures the practical reality of a world in which so many of our interactions occur online.  More than ever, we need mechanisms to verify the identity of the entities with whom we interact. 

Among the most important best practices is...

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Posted: 05 Dec 2012

With advances in the smartphone market, is NFC set to surpass the traditional lock and key?

We rarely go anywhere without our mobile phones - they have long surpassed being used just for calling to say we are running late or for short conversations - we now rely on them for many of our business needs and the variety of convenient applications they can provide to help us in our daily...

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