Posted: 10/12/18
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At HID Global, we take pride in powering the trusted identities of the world’s people, places, and things. While providing this trust in the products and solutions in our portfolio through processes such as “mutual authentication”, it is equally important to highlight the mutual trust between HID and our worldwide partners. While multiple products may validate one another to establish security...

Posted: 08/13/13
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Optimal access card security requires a multi-dimensional approach for identity validation, and a multi-layered approach for the systems that are used to issue them.  The latest advances enable issuers to better protect the integrity of each credential, cardholder, and the overall issuance system.

Most ID card issuance systems rely on two-dimensional identity validation, which compares...

Posted: 07/10/12
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HID Global's ten-year renewal of the U.S. Green Card has been of critical strategic importance in the secure ID solutions space and in reinforcing our leadership position in the market , with our...

Posted: 03/06/12
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Over the years, there has been an increasing demand for implementing secure government identification programs around the world, and this has created a new generation of advanced electronic Government ID credentials for e-visas, national ID cards,...

Posted: 09/09/09
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Given the global economic uncertainty of 2009, much attention has been focused on the topic of building customer loyalty. Without a doubt, the benefit of loyal customers is magnified during these times when companies are experiencing order delays, cancellations and reductions.

The important point to remember is that customer loyalty does not result from an isolated program or promotion...