Posted: 03/04/19
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Exciting new products and processes such as mobile and digital IDs, innovative visions of frictionless borders and improved traveler experiences are emerging in the identity market. Given the potential benefits to citizens and governments alike, it is impossible not to wonder why these products and processes face such slow adoption.


Posted: 01/24/17
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Last month, you may have read about all of the exciting advancements we’ve made in innovative technologies in 2016, including the introduction of our mobileID platform, HID goID™. As we head into 2017, this momentum is continuing with some interesting trends. Specifically, we are seeing great interest in adopting mobile IDs as an...

Posted: 11/15/16
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For over a year, HID Global has been laying out the future of secure identities in the form of mobile IDs.  I’m happy to say that future is now very close to becoming today’s reality.  Recently, I had the privilege of participating in a webinar hosted by Mark Lockie, the publishing director of Security Document World.  This panel was comprised of secure identity experts from industry,...

Posted: 07/01/16
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It is no surprise that smartphones have become an all-purpose tool relied upon to share information, make transactions and engage the user in multiple activities. More importantly from a global perspective, smartphones - endowed with massive computing power - provide the technology platform for a host of interesting and life-changing applications many of which are deployed in emerging and...