Posted: 01/25/19
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With the sophistication of hacking attacks, it becomes more and more difficult for banks to guarantee their customers' data will not be compromised. In October 2018, an undisclosed number of HSBC’s online retail accounts in the US were hacked. The technique used by the hackers is called “credential stuffing,” which means personal details were harvested from elsewhere, and then utilized to gain...

Posted: 11/19/18
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On 27th October, Karachi-based BankIslami became the target of one of the most devastating cyber-attack in Pakistan. It admitted a security breach of its payment cards system but denied having lost an alleged amount of $6 million. Many reports state that the attack consisted of several suspicious Point of Sales transactions made at Target stores in Brazil and in the U.S. To restrain the...

Posted: 11/02/18
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A large percentage of our lives is now conducted digitally (both on a personal level and at work), and this is set to continue with our demand for speed and convenience. This means there are billions of digital identities stored in many different systems with varying degrees of security, and cybercriminals are devising more sophisticated methods to leverage any weakness.

In a...

Posted: 03/26/18
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The multi-factor authentication market is experiencing new dynamics. For the last 15 years, strong authentication was not a top of mind concern for organizations and was mainly based on hardware tokens generating one-time passwords (OTPs), a temporary 6 or 8 digit password. The user was required to first generate an OTP on his token and then copy/paste it into his online portal. It has been...

Posted: 11/21/17
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On the 7th of November 2017, the UK PSR (Payment Systems Regulator) published a report and consultation paper “Authorised Push Payment scams PSR-led work to mitigate the impact of scams, including a consultation on a contingent reimbursement model*”. This paper is coming as a result of a...

Posted: 10/13/17
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In 2016 almost 1.1 billion identities were stolen globally.  This number is up dramatically from a reported 563.8 million identities stolen in 2015.   In addition, the same Symantec Internet Security Threat Report placed the United States at the top of the list for both the number of breaches by country (1,023) and the number of identities stolen by country.

New York State’s Division of...