Building a Foundation for Customer Loyalty

Given the global economic uncertainty of 2009, much attention has been focused on the topic of building customer loyalty. Without a doubt, the benefit of loyal customers is magnified during these times when companies are experiencing order delays, cancellations and reductions.

The important point to remember is that customer loyalty does not result from an isolated program or promotion. Instead, customer loyalty results from a company’s intentional strategic initiative to deliver value to its customers.

At HID Global, our corporate decisions must positively answer the question - “Will this decision result in value for the customer?” Specifically, HID Global seeks to provide value to its customers in terms of quality, convenience, cost of ownership and security.

For companies today, it is important to offer products that are extremely reliable, easy-to-use and that can be easily integrated into solutions offered by channel partners. Additionally, companies need to be easy to do business with, be armed with knowledgeable sales and service team members, as well as efficiently deliver innovative products when customers demand them.

Here at HID Global, our products meet these requirements, providing a cost of ownership benefit to customers. As we deliver innovative solutions for the marketplace, our customers benefit from the investments they have previously made in HID technologies. For example, our newest product, HID on the Desktop™, leverages the HID technology card that the customer is already using for physical access control, by extending the use of the card to address logical access control needs. Similarly, customers personalizing their cards with HID Global’s well-known Fargo High Definition Printing™ (HDP) card printers can easily upgrade their machines in the field to include the optional dual-sided printing and card encoding modules.

All products offered by HID Global result in added security for the end-user. From high security cards, to readers, to desktop card personalization systems, HID Global has become a trusted supplier to the security industry and has become recognized as the global leader for the delivery of secure identity solutions

Moving forward, we will continue to offer exciting and innovative new solutions that bring enhanced value to our customers.