Convenient, Real-time Visibility into Your Buildings for Workforce Optimization

Wow, I can't believe it's that time of year already. I’ve just arrived here in Las Vegas for ISC West and the excitement is palpable — there's a buzz around the show that I have not experienced in a while. It's such a great time to be involved in the security market. It is changing at an incredibly rapid pace, and I can't wait to see some of the latest innovations. Here at HID Global, we are excited to be announcing a new IoT technology called HID Location Services, which enables us to deliver a new workforce optimization solution to the market.

The digitization and mobility of the workplace has led to an explosion in productivity, often at lowered costs. Organizations are now in the unique position to leverage the capabilities of their employees’ personal devices while maintaining reasonable cost structures and granting their employees the latitude to work with freedom and dexterity. However, the workplace of the future must rely on the highest standards in access control to ensure efficiency, security, and safety—in order to deliver on this promise.

HID Location Services for workforce optimization enables facility managers to take an even more proactive approach to streamlining their building’s operations, with the knowledge of:

  • Which parts of the building are being utilized,
  • When personnel are nearby restricted areas, and, of course,
  • Where unauthorized access has occurred—all in real time.

Requiring minimal infrastructure to implement and easily integrating into existing building management systems, the HID Location Services platform consists of a cloud service, portals, Bluetooth + Wi-Fi gateways and personal Bluetooth beacons in the form of HID smart cards. Together, these technologies enable a more thorough analysis of building use for workforce optimization. The solution utilizes predictive analytics to interpret space usage and operational efficiency, creates geo-fences, and even compiles compliance reports to prevent health and safety breaches.

If you’re interested in learning more about these novel ways to enhance transform your workplace, check out our new eBook, HID Location Services.