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Posted: 30 Jun 2020
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Since HID acquired its identity document manufacturing facility in Malta in October 2019, the site has embarked on an ambitious journey to obtain three ISO certifications in a span of just over 5 months. Despite the scale of this challenge, the Malta site managed to successfully obtain all three certifications, namely the...

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Posted: 22 Jun 2020
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Phishing attacks continue to plague us in 2020 as the number one attack vector of choice by threat actors. Phishing attacks have grown more sophisticated and difficult to spot. Read on to see what you can do to protect your organization from this escalating threat.


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Posted: 17 Jun 2020
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A few months ago, getting into an airplane and traveling around the globe was so common and natural that we did not give it a second thought. That has changed during the last few months — most dramatically for those who got stuck somewhere on their way and for those who still cannot visit their loved ones on the other side of the world.


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Posted: 15 Jun 2020
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The future of access control is a dynamic landscape with unprecedented sophistication and capabilities. As with any uncharted territory, new risks result as well. Regulations such as GDPR, California privacy laws and others continue to impact how businesses deploy and manage security solutions. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with ever-evolving regulations with limited legacy technologies...

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Posted: 12 Jun 2020
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Snapshot moment. It is spring 2020 and we are all thinking about Covid-19: a truly society-changing matter.

Seldom have statisticians been in such demand. Everyone wants the facts, everyone wants the figures, and everyone wants to know what they should do. Are the politicians talking sense? Are they even close to the truth? Which direction is this health crisis taking?


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Posted: 09 Jun 2020
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Families entrust your medical facility with the care of their loved ones, and part of that is balancing security and accessibility to create a welcoming and safe environment. Get that balance right, and you can reduce the stress that goes with being at a hospital or clinic. Get it wrong, and it can become more challenging to manage anxious family members or friends.


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Posted: 01 Jun 2020
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Here’s a not-so-fictional scenario: You sign up for a cloud service, one that is going to help transform your digital journey, connect you closer to your customers and streamline business processes. The ROI is impressive. Everyone on your team has signed off on this.


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Posted: 29 May 2020
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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a successful technology for contactless identification of assets to create trusted identities that help optimize processes, prevent errors and increase safety. Two successful RFID technologies have emerged over the past years:
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • RAIN® RFID (formerly known as UHF RFID)...
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Posted: 27 May 2020
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What’s the key to winning new business in the banking industry? Increasingly, it’s a customer-friendly onboarding process that also makes it easy to gather vital customer information, conduct identity checks and fully comply with mandatory KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. And with the recent worldwide quarantines, getting to KYC remotely is more...

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Posted: 21 May 2020
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As the world increasingly moves towards assuring each individual’s identity, so does the need to collect and manage more biometric data as a means to uniquely enroll and identify individuals. But sharing our biometric data means that we are exposed to the same identity theft risks as when we share other important data, such as financial account data, address history, employer history and more...

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