The Evolution of ID Card Issuance

Every year colleges and universities produce millions of cards that are used for everything from paying for meals and checking out library books to entering dorm rooms. Over the past 20 years the way that these cards are issued has not changed much. Traditionally, ID cards are designed and printed from a PC that is connected to a nearby printer. Multiple printers would require multiple software licenses and PCs. The corresponding software updates and security patches would then require a painstaking process of updating each connected machine.  In addition, these legacy systems provide limited ability for tracking of system activity by IT or security personnel.

While these are tangible issues, most users have accepted them as a reality of doing business. And while the technology used by card production offices has largely remained static, the technology available to most other areas of a university’s operations has advanced considerably. Students are able to seamlessly register for classes online, pay fees and be ready for classes on the first day, all without waiting in physical lines. The crucial task of printing and issuing student IDs however is still being managed manually, often leading to a crunch time for staff during the Fall issuance period.

Cloud-based card issuance software has the potential to revolutionize the way that card offices operate, eliminating these various issues. In addition to the cost savings that cloud based software provides, there are additional advantages for university card production offices. HID has taken the lead in developing a completely new way to manage the issuance of student IDs by leveraging secure cloud technologies that have the ability to give schools back both time and money. In addition, this same technology can enable card offices to take advantage of the latest advancement in credential technologies such as issuing IDs on mobile devices. By re-envisioning the way that a card office operates, we bring a completely new experience to both staff and students.

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