Mobile IDs Bring New Opportunities to Protect Privacy

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Mobile IDs that are securely provisioned to smartphones, tablets and other devices will be used alongside traditional physical ID cards for the foreseeable future, and the two forms of ID will work together to protect citizen privacy. Acting as an extension of authentic, government-issued credentials, mobile IDs can also provide new ways to control private information and combat identity theft, fraud and other crimes in today’s chaotic world.

First, mobile IDs offer a high level of control over private information and extremely strong safeguards against identity threats. They do this by offering citizens the unique ability to choose what information they provide when someone asks them for their identity documents. Why should a citizen divulge his or her full name, height, weight and address information to a liquor store cashier when all that’s required is a birth date to prove they are old enough to purchase alcohol? In this way, new technologies for mobile IDs easily solve this problem by allowing the citizen to only share what information they need to make their purchase – and nothing more.

Second, a mobile ID on a phone can’t even be presented without its owner’s permission. With HID Global’s goID™ mobile ID platform, the verifier’s device, which holds its own mobile ID, must first offer proof of verification intent before the citizen’s phone even reveals the existence of a mobile ID. This verification intent is displayed on the citizen’s phone, the citizen will see who is requesting their data, and what data they are requesting; they then have the option to accept or deny the verification request.

Once the request is accepted, information is delivered securely and privately to the verification device. The image and data are not stored on the verifier’s phone because this private information is controlled by local digital rights management (DRM) policies. It can’t be copied, transmitted or used fraudulently. The citizen can have “peace of mind” knowing that goID™ does not allow their mobile phone to be tracked by any entity.

Mobile IDs are poised to play a pivotal role in protecting citizen privacy. In the future, they can be used with and alongside physical ID cards to deliver new opportunities for multi-factor authentication processes that blend physical and mobile security. In the meantime, they immediately deliver new ways to improve privacy protections while fighting identity crimes.

If you’d like to learn more about goID™,  watch our video.