Multitech OSM Cards Combat Identity Fraud, Unlock New Opportunities for Citizen ID Programs

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Nations around the world must secure the identities of their citizens, visitors and legal residents while improving how they access government applications and services.  I recently shared my thoughts on these challenges during an interview this past June at Security Document World 2017 and described how today’s advanced identity solutions are increasing the security, utility and value of national ID programs.

During my video interview, I discussed the growing threats from fraudsters who alter genuine identity documents create their own counterfeit versions.  Combatting these threats requires ID cards featuring visual, physical and digital security layers, which HID Global delivers with its Multitech Optical Security Media (OSM) card offering.  The foundation for these cards is an instantly recognizable, tamper-proof OSM strip whose visual and physical security have never been successfully compromised.  This is because the OSM device can be laser-engraved to display a facial image or other personalized information that cannot be easily replicated.  This provides the best defense against card fraud in a world where most front-line inspection and examination remains visual.

Equally important is what’s inside the Multitech OSM card.  Putting a contactless RFID microcontroller into a card featuring highly counterfeit-resistant, laser-engravable OSM ensures authentication is enabled in multiple situations, from the uncontrolled environments of the roadside police check or car rental office to machine-readable automated systems at border control or police stations.  The OSM provides quick and confident verification to untrained staff, whilst the chip enables high-security system verification and access to multi-functionality. The combination is thus not just exceptionally secure but also delivers universal validation in real world situations.

Combining OSM technology and an embedded microcontroller in the same card body also provides a platform through which governments can deliver any required application or service. This is what Saudi Arabia has done with the Multitech OSM card.  Citizens use it both for identity verification and as a token that streamlines access to various e-banking and other government services.

Turning citizen ID cards into multi-functional smart cards enables governments to secure identities while improving how they deliver applications and services.  In the future, Multitech OSM cards can also be “mobile-enabled” setting the stage for the co-existence of best-in-class physical and mobile IDs that enable governments to unlock even greater security, convenience and efficiencies from their investments.  Please click here to watch my interview on Multitech OSM.