Mutual Authentication / Mutual Trust

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At HID Global, we take pride in powering the trusted identities of the world’s people, places, and things. While providing this trust in the products and solutions in our portfolio through processes such as “mutual authentication”, it is equally important to highlight the mutual trust between HID and our worldwide partners. While multiple products may validate one another to establish security and trust of the identity, HID and its global partners mutually trust each other to exceed in the marketplace. Our global channel has invested their businesses (and careers) in promoting HID to their markets. They trust HID to continue to innovate quality new products and solutions with relevance to their vertical and geographic markets, providing exceptional value to end customers. Meanwhile, HID trusts its global partners to integrate HID’s offering into unique solutions, to promote our portfolio into emerging markets, and to fulfilling end user demands with unsurpassed professional service and support. This mutual trust manifests itself in powerful partnerships. I am proud to highlight the decades-long trust that has built between HID Global and Color ID.