RFID Journal Live! in Full Swing

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RFID Journal Live! is always a great event for HID Global and this year is busy as usual with meeting customers and showcasing a number of exciting offerings.  The show marks a particularly important milestone with the introduction of our latest IoT solutions, enabled by Bluvision (an HID Global company).  You might have heard about our recently launched HID Location Services that provide a platform for a range of real-time location services capabilities.  At RFID Journal Live, we announced new HID Location Services functionality for Item Management that delivers a brand new level of visibility into the exact location and movement of assets and items. Not only does advanced item management help allay concerns around tampering or misuse of assets, it can also help ensure a safer work environment in situations where it’s important to know exactly when potentially dangerous materials or a vehicle is entering a location.   

At the show, we also unveiled our new HID Conditioning Monitoring Services that analyze equipment performance and health.  A simple way to describe these services would be to say they help determine the health and predict failure of a range of equipment, as well as motors, generators and other motorized machinery.

But HID Condition Monitoring Services also symbolize a paradigm shift for organizations seeking a more proactive, data-driven method for efficiently managing maintenance and increasing the reliability of equipment.  In other words, the new services make it possible for operations teams to move from reactive or prescriptive maintenance to a more knowledge-based, predictive model. This enables proactive planning for scheduled maintenance and equipment downtime based on algorithms and data analytics. In hospitals, manufacturing and many industrial settings, this level of predictive maintenance is crucial to daily operations, and the overwhelming positive feedback we are receiving on the RFID Journal show floor underscores the importance of this functionality.  Check out our website for more info.