RSA Conference 2011 - From cafe to full-service restaurant


At last year's RSA Conference 2010, HID Global's presence in terms of IT security solutions could have been characterized as a great street side cafe...

...offering a select menu of good eats at an affordable price. Fast forward one year to RSA 2011, and HID would be seen in a completely different light as a full service restaurant with an extensive menu including appetizers, several entrées to choose from, followed by desert and coffee. In business terms, the current HID portfolio of cards, readers, software and services, coupled with the ActivIdentity portfolio of products expands HID's offerings to now provide customers a full range of strong authentication and credential management solutions. This was a fact that was not lost on RSA attendees.

In discussions at the show, I heard attendees comment that they were excited and happy to see HID Global invest in the information security marketplace and offer a broader set of products. From a vendor's perspective, an expanded portfolio enables HID to focus even more on customer solutions by further deepening relationships with our customers to better understand their business requirements for any number of converged solutions that fulfill particular needs.

I was pleased to see that attendees of the RSA Conference were excited about the strong authentication and credential management solutions that HID now offers. HID Global's customers have trusted us to lock their doors for years. The Federal Government has trusted ActivIdentity to secure their information security assets for years. Now customers can rely on a single vendor to deliver access control solutions from the door to the desktop and beyond.

Personally, I look forward to what the future holds for HID, along with whatever new and exciting developments are to come for RSA 2012!