Why Mobile IDs Will Change How Government and Citizens Interact

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For more than a year now, we’ve been saying that mobile IDs are coming. With the introduction of HID goIDTM mobile ID has arrived and it will change the way governments and citizens interact.

For those new to this conversation, a mobile ID is a government-issued identification credential that is securely provisioned on to a citizen’s smartphone.  These mobile ID’s can be verified using other smart devices such as phones and tablets. This game-changing technology has numerous benefits for citizens and governments.  I have narrowed down the top ten changes I foresee happening as a result of the adoption of Mobile IDs in this executive brief.  This blog post previews a few of those changes, including:

#1 Improved Security
For citizens, a mobile smartphone using goIDTM can add layers of security to their identity document, e.g. PIN protection, password protection, biometrics or additional secure tokens. For Law Enforcement, the challenge of identifying identity documents from multiple jurisdictions can be reduced by the improved functionality afforded by secure devices.

#2 Improved Privacy
With mobile IDs on a smartphone citizens can control when and how much information is shared, allowing them to protect their privacy.  For example, when a citizen is purchasing age-restricted goods, they only need to provide their photo and age — none of the other personal information usually loaded and freely readable on a physical driver’s license needs to be shared.

#3 Improved Efficiency
For government agencies such as driver’s license authorities, mobile driver’s licenses will allow them to do their jobs better and easier.  With HID goIDTM, citizens can update their information remotely without coming into the central office thus combating the dreaded long lines.  While, governments can issue, revoke or change citizen IDs more efficiently, securely and quickly.

To appreciate all the ways we believe mobile IDs will benefit and streamline the interaction between governments and citizens, you may wish to read our executive brief,

Ten Ways Mobile IDs Will Improve How Governments and Citizens Interact. You can also learn more about HID Global’s mobile ID solution here