WorkforceID Recognized as an Outstanding Security Product

HID Global understands the need to unify identification and access credentials management with ease-of-use and outstanding security. That’s why we were honored when our recently launched WorkforceID™ physical identity and access management cloud platform, received a Govie award.

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The Govie Security awards, sponsored by Security Today and GovSec, recognize security products from across the industry for keeping federal, state, and local governments safe. There was some stiff competition, but we were delighted to receive a Gold award for User Authentication, Identification, Credentialing, and Management.

We’re especially pleased that WorkforceID received recognition so quickly. Originally launched to public preview in January 2020, it’s great to see our cloud-based credential management service get so much traction in such a short time.

For more than a decade we have been asking manufacturers to share their technology and solutions that best fit government security needs.Now, more than ever, government employees and facilities can selecttop-quality solutions. The evolution of technology is moving at a rapidpace, and it is exciting to watch the development.Ralph C. Jensen, Editor-in-Chief Security Today, GovSec and

Ian Lowe, Product Marketing Management Director at HID Global says, “We’ve been really impressed by the level of interest in WorkforceID. We’re delighted that WorkforceID is being recognized as a leading solution that helps to unify identity and access across the organization from top to bottom to remove barriers to physical access and identification. We are so pleased to have received this recognition as an outstanding security product for Governments and Enterprise organizations of all sizes.”

About WorkforceID Physical Identity and Access Management

WorkforceID is an entirely new identity management cloud platform, taking the very best parts of HID SAFE™ physical access and identity management (PIAM) technology and making it even better. It provides an ever-expanding set of cyber and physical identity access management applications that help small to medium-sized government and enterprise organizations solve continually evolving workforce and visitor security, compliance, and business challenges.
WorkforceID meets globally recognized security and quality controls through ISO27001 certification. Badge, credential, and identity management has never been easier.

WorkforceID Credential Manager

WorkforceID automates your badging and credentialing workflows through cloud-based badge printing services. That means you can badge your entire workforce quickly, safely, easily, and in full compliance wherever they are.

With WorkforceID Credential Manager, it’s easy to:

  • Automate and simplify the badge issuance process for all identities.
  • Avoid human error and slow, inefficient, manual processes.
  • Know exactly how many credentials you have active at all times.
  • Get detailed insights into credentials including who has them, what they are for, why they have been credentialed, and for how long.
  • Automate credential revocation to prevent “zombie badges” from creating vulnerabilities in your security.

WorkforceID Credentials screen

WorkforceID Credentials Screen

Digitally Transform Your Visitor Experience

The front desk is where a great visitor experience starts. WorkforceID’s enterprise-grade visitor management streamlines sign-in and overall management of visitors — while keeping your workplace secure.

  • Visitors can register and check themselves in via self-service kiosks.
  • You can customize badge security protocols and visits to your exact needs. You could keep check-in short and simple, or require multiple security checks, depending on your visitor and where they need to go.
  • It’s easy to automate compliance for visitor access rules and policy-based registration.

WorkforceID Visitor screen

WorkforceID Visitor Screen

Try WorkforceID PIAM Cloud Service Today

Workforce ID is ideal for any type of organization, from government to corporate, law enforcement to security, including medium-sized businesses. Don’t just take the Govie’s and our word for it though. Experience how easy access management can be with a free trial.

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Ian Lowe is Product Marketing Director for HID SAFE and is passionate about marketing all things related to identity, cybersecurity, IoT, cloud and digital transformation. In his 19-year career, Ian has become a recognized product marketing and sales enablement leader, having created and launched successful cloud-based identity and security solutions that are used by top technology firms, financial services organizations and governments around the world today.