The World is Going Mobile

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This comes as no surprise, but the world is mobile. The ubiquity of mobile smart devices has changed the way we live, work and play. And although you may not be aware, everyone one of us has a mobile identity. Just to name a few examples, we’re able to present our mobile smart devices for a variety of reasons that range from showing proof of automobile insurance to mobile ticketing for admittance to concerts, movies and sporting events.

These examples may not be considered official identification, but that’s just around the corner. Over the past three years, state legislatures have recognized that citizens want to simplify their lives and have responded by introducing legislation to offer citizens an optional state- issued mobile driver’s license (mDL). As a result, industry and states have engaged stakeholders for feedback to ensure the most convenient, privacy protecting and secure solution is available. Stakeholders, such as citizens, the law enforcement community and the federal government have contributed their thoughts and concerns with privacy, safety and security topping the list.

Citizens want to use their mobile driver’s license for the same reasons they use their physical driver’s license: to identify themselves when they board a plane, to confirm their identity for access to services and to provide proof of age. Before the federal government accepts mDLs, however, it will require that mDLs comply with REAL ID security standards as physical DLs must do today.

Law enforcement has a unique stake in the adoption of a mobile driver’s license. They’re on the front lines protecting our communities on a daily basis. Most encounters with citizens may be routine, but officers are always sensitive to the behavior of people when considering their personal safety as well as the safety of all involved. The ability to assess a situation with minimal distractions is critical during a traffic stop. A mDL solution should have the capability to allow an officer to verify a driver’s identity, with the driver’s approval, from a safe distance. In conversations with the law enforcement community, this criterion is a top priority in any mDL solution. This would not only protect the law enforcement officer, but also allows for enhanced privacy and security for the driver.

To date, nearly 15 states have introduced legislation to either create an mDL program or to conduct a feasibility study; some states are very close to implementing an mDL program. HID Global has been engaged with ALL stakeholders throughout the process. We’ve conducted many “hands on” demonstrations of our goID™ solution and received great feedback.

These are exciting times in innovation.  Stay tuned; a mobile driver’s license may be available at a DMV near you very soon!  

Watch a one minute video on citizen reactions to obtaining a mobile driver’s license by clicking on this link.