Why Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is Secure
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Why an Identity Document Should Not Be Used for Payment

There have been a number of initiatives to add payment capabilities to ID cards (e.g., Nigeria and Maldives National ID cards), as well as programs where governments have stepped in to provide payment capabilities to their citizens (e.g., a fuel subsidy card in Egypt and digital cash in Ecuador).

How to Best Benefit From an e-Passport’s Security

Around 50% of the countries that have switched from a non-electronic to an e-Passport (also known as a biometric passport) are not profiting from its new security potential. The reason is that they share the certificates that validate the personal data of a traveler on the e-Passport in a non-efficient manner — and sometimes they do not share at all. These issuing countries risk having made all their efforts in transitioning to an e-Passport in vain.

HID Integrale™ N-PKD

HID Integrale™ N-PKD

ICAO standards for the issuance of ePassports require that each issuing country publish a certificate which allows other countries to authenticate their ePassport as genuine.

3 Passport Epiphanies

Form and Function

A passport is an objet d’art that we experience through sight, sound and touch — from the raised edge of the intaglio print to the rustle of its deeply luxurious paper. A passport contains both layered security features and layers of experiential detail. It is a puzzle of microtexts and hidden features that must be explored with one’s nose pressed to the page, peered at through a magnifying glass, or read under the covers by light of an ultraviolet flashlight.

Coming Very Soon: The Digital Travel Credential

One of the striking things about Identity Week 2020 was how the industry has started to embrace digital identity in all its forms. Whether this has been accelerated by the need to identify citizens remotely during a pandemic, the fact that digital was just inevitable, or that the technology has leapt forward — the appetite to talk about how digital could be enabled spanned all the workstreams. Digital was promoted in all parts of the exhibition, by established industry players and start-ups or newcomers alike.

The Anatomy of Passport

Fear not gentle reader, this is not going to be a gruesome and gory dissection of a well-loved document at the end of its ten-year, well-traveled life but more of a deep dive into what makes a passport a passport. Every year, tens of millions of passports are issued and, much like the majority of the technology which surrounds us in our everyday lives, the general public has little comprehension of the complexity which belies such a common object. Let us peel back the layers and take a look inside.

Who Am I? Identity Requirements in a Modern World

If you are anything like me, and you have any type of online presence (I am aware that some people do not), you probably don’t show all aspects of your personality equally across all of your platforms. For example, your LinkedIn profile probably shows — and arguably should — a different set of your personality traits compared to what you share on Facebook or Instagram.

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How the Wise Implementation of Biometrics Will Improve Mobile Identity Programs

With the current global pandemic, there has never been more focus on the use of mobile technology to deliver identity credentials to a remote audience. Social interactions are restricted, and there is a great need for citizens to be able to prove their identity online, over the phone or even at a distance. In this blog post, I take a look at how biometrics can help in delivering and securing such mobile identity programs.

How Mobile ID Facilitates e-Government

The path to implementation of mobile ID has perhaps been longer than the market expected with legislation particularly slow to respond to the pace of technology. There have been many pilots around the world, mainly for mobile driver licenses, but generally these projects haven’t progressed into full blown implementations.