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In the conference, almost 100 speakers from 27 nations came together to share expertise with 350 conference delegates – showcasing, under one roof, best-of-breed identity solutions from Asia, alongside the best of the West.

True Crime Stories - Biometrics Brings Justice for the Vulnerable

The follow article contains potentially disturbing references to child abduction and sexual assault.

“Any investigator has that one case they wished they’d finished, and this was mine. I just kept working on it. I wanted to get justice for that girl and her family.”

Taking fingerprints

Iconic Identity Trends—The Physical Document is Here to Stay

The age of convenience is here, and we all want to identify ourselves with mobile, digital or contactless technologies. While it is true that the drive for continually simpler ways to prove our identity will intensify, there needs to be a secure root identity which underpins the security of these new processes and technologies. Governments, issuing authorities, police and border forces all have confidence in physical documents and remain skeptical of the security of digital systems due to well-publicized cyberattacks.

Executive Brief: Assessing the real risk in the identity journey

True Crime Stories: Clues to a Cold Case Brings Closure

When someone is murdered and the killer is never found, the family members of the victim have to live with terrible unanswered questions. It is this distress that motivates people who work in law enforcement to open cold case units. Sometimes advances in technology or further investigation can help solve cold violent crimes, which offers some peace and closure for those family members.

Criminal fingerprint card and magnifier, top view

Iconic Identity Trends—Enhancing the Border Crossing Experience

Over the past year, many countries and border authorities have either installed automated passport control systems or implemented pilot projects to speed up the identity verification processes without compromising security. There is no doubt that this trend will continue to accelerate in 2020.

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True Crime Stories - Never Too Late to Reveal a Murderer

68-year-old Sondra Better was finishing her shift at Lu Shay’s Consignment Shop in Delray Beach Florida in August 1998 when a man came into the store and beat her to death. Sondra received several blows to the head before her throat was slashed and she was left on the floor to die.

Sondra was a mother, a grandmother and the cherished wife of her husband Seymour “Zeke” Better. The couple was on the cusp of renewing their vows and celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. She came to work at the store after retiring in Florida.

The Continued Rise of Biometrics in Citizen ID

Although the subject of biometrics can still be controversial, there is a growing acceptance of biometric identification—fueled no doubt by its increased use in everything from mobile phone security to citizen identification.

biometric facial recognition scan

HID Design Services

The design of a passport or security document is so much more than the physical object itself. It is significant and symbolic, evocative and iconic — a cultural statement that respects a proud heritage while looking to the future. It is identity, integrity, a promise.