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The rapid proliferation of biometric technology necessitates the need for intelligent systems. Ease of use is a must for the military, law enforcement and others who need to rapidly process subjects’ identities in the field. HID Global offers advanced biometric identity management systems delivering intelligent, multimodal biometric capability to automatically capture fingerprint, facial and iris images, as well as customizable biographical data input.

Personal Background Checks and How To Best Manage Personal Data

Background checks. Governments, corporations, healthcare organizations and financial institutions require them as part of their hiring process. They help identify individuals who have criminal backgrounds and therefore are ineligible for employment. Background checks help organizations reduce their risk, comply with legal requirements, ensure public safety and provide customer assurance.

Many Small Steps to Enhanced Passport Security

The real value of security components

A huge number of people cross borders every hour, many of them by air. If you consult flight radar apps, where one can follow every airplane currently in the air, air traffic is sometimes so heavy that you are not even able to spot a patch of sky amongst flight paths. It is estimated by the International Aviation Trade Association (IATA) that the number of travelers will double in the next twenty years. The world is becoming a smaller place.

HID® Global WEBS® Store and Forward

HID Global’s WEBS Store and Forward is a web-based approach for the consolidation and management of biometric enrollment data. Web-Enabled Biometric Software (WEBS) enables users to store, monitor, edit and manage the lifecycle of a biometric submission record centrally through secure web interface. With distributed environments using multiple vendor solutions, WEBS Store and Forward provides an easy way to preserve your existing capture infrastructure while enhancing security and visibility through centralized submission and response management.

HID® Global WEBS® Enrollment

HID® Global WEBS® Enrollment

As the first true web-enabled, browser-based biometric enrollment solution, Web-Enabled Biometric Software (WEBS) defined civil and commercial enrollment in the cloud – providing an enhanced level of PII security and privacy. The WEBS enrollment solution is designed to address today’s data security and privacy concerns, enhancing PII protection with a cloud-based architecture that utilizes a secure central server to interface with remote enrollment stations.

HID® Global Tenprint Readers

HID Guardian 100 Reader and Patrol ID Reader, HID Guardian 100 Reader, HID Patrol ID Reader

As the leading provider of ten fingerprint livescan acquisition hardware, HID Global offers tenprint readers to meet any user requirement.

HID Guardian™: Trusted Performance When It Matters Most

The industry leader in tenprint livescan capture – providing performance, reliability and flexibility. Offered in a range of models to meet specific application requirements.

HID Patrol: Economy Without Sacrifice