The Risk of Identity Theft Does Not Stop with Biographic Data

As the world increasingly moves towards assuring each individual’s identity, so does the need to collect and manage more biometric data as a means to uniquely enroll and identify individuals. But sharing our biometric data means that we are exposed to the same identity theft risks as when we share other important data, such as financial account data, address history, employer history and more. Several data breach laws around the world have already been enacted requiring companies to report on breaches after the fact.

HID® Integrale™ for CRVS

HID® Integrale™ for CRVS

HID Integrale for CRVS (Civil Registration and Vital Statistics) is designed to securely manage vital event registration needs by way of the four functional pillars of notification, recording, registering and reporting of citizen identity data.

Being a Smart Customer — Open ID Architectures

Newer generations of ID technologies make the world of identity systems more interesting and visible — and invite a second look at the wider systems design principles and smart customer behaviors.

Today, everyone can see the world of identity changing from the outside. We use ID management tools such as mobile phones every day of our lives. We prove our identity and authenticate ourselves online so often that we seldom give it a second thought. We speed through fast border control without stopping to remember the past (and sometimes even our bags).

HID® Integrale™ Enrollment, & Store and Forward

HID® Integrale™ Enrollment, & Store and Forward

HID Integrale Enrollment

HID® Cabinets

HID® Cabinets

Criminal booking environments demand solutions that can face the challenge of a high-pressure environment. That’s why our booking station cabinets are designed and purpose-built with toughness in mind. Made from heavy duty steel, with secure computer storage, foot pedal options and many other ruggedized features, HID cabinets protect your technology investments without impeding the enrollment/booking process.

Cabinet Features:

HID® Jumpkits

3 jumpkits

We have been configuring sophisticated identity management jumpkits for years. Serving the needs of the military, civilian governments, NGOs and enterprise alike, a custom-configured portable kit utilizing COTS components is a quick and easy way to architect your enrollment or verification solution without sacrificing performance.

Why Touching a Fingerprint Reader is Still the Best Method of Biometric Identification

There has been some talk recently that the COVID-19 outbreak will spell the end for biometric devices that require contact. This is based on the premise that people will be hesitant to touch a surface that any other member of the public has previously come into contact with. The rumor goes that contact-based fingerprint scanners are heading to the scrap heap within two to three years. You can understand why these predictions are being made, but there are a number of factors which mean that this is unlikely to happen for some considerable time to come.

Mobile Identity Isn’t Just About Driver’s Licenses

Mobile identity has been an evolving technology in the citizen identity market for five years now. Most of the time and effort has been focused on mobile driver’s licenses, and there are many good reasons for that. However, mobile identity has developed so quickly that other use cases are now starting to emerge. It may surprise you to learn that Argentina is leading the way in deploying mobile identity for its national ID project.

Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting Fingerprint Devices

Identity Week Asia

In the conference, almost 100 speakers from 27 nations came together to share expertise with 350 conference delegates – showcasing, under one roof, best-of-breed identity solutions from Asia, alongside the best of the West.