Many Small Steps to Enhanced Passport Security – The real value of security components

A huge number of people cross borders every hour, many of them by air. If you consult flight radar apps, where one can follow every airplane currently in the air, air traffic is sometimes so heavy that you are not even able to spot a patch of sky amongst flight paths. It is estimated by the International Aviation Trade Association (IATA) that the number of travelers will double in the next twenty years. The world is becoming a smaller place.

HID® Global WEBS® Enrollment

HID® Global WEBS® Enrollment

As the first true web-enabled, browser-based biometric enrollment solution, Web-Enabled Biometric Software (WEBS) defined civil and commercial enrollment in the cloud – providing an enhanced level of PII security and privacy. The WEBS enrollment solution is designed to address today’s data security and privacy concerns, enhancing PII protection with a cloud-based architecture that utilizes a secure central server to interface with remote enrollment stations.

HID® Global Mobile Biometric Readers

HID NOMAD 30 Reader, HID NOMAD 60 Reader

While others talk about mobility, HID Global cuts the cord to deliver truly mobile solutions for law enforcement officers, homeland security agents, military personnel and enterprises that need to identify and verify individuals anywhere, anytime — with speed, simplicity and accuracy.

NOMAD® 30: Mobile and Durable
Designed for efficient single fingerprint capture in the field and to easily connect to existing smart devices and laptops, the NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader is an affordable choice for your next mobile identification and verification solution.

HID® Global WEBS® Store and Forward

HID Global’s WEBS Store and Forward is a web-based approach for the consolidation and management of biometric enrollment data. Web-Enabled Biometric Software (WEBS) enables users to store, monitor, edit and manage the lifecycle of a biometric submission record centrally through secure web interface. With distributed environments using multiple vendor solutions, WEBS Store and Forward provides an easy way to preserve your existing capture infrastructure while enhancing security and visibility through centralized submission and response management.

HID® Global Livescan Management Software

HID® Global Livescan Management Software

As the leading provider of livescan acquisition systems, HID Global is trusted around the world. Organizations depend on HID Global for many critical identity applications including national security, criminal justice, citizen services, corporate applicant background screening and program enrollment.

Livescan Management Software (LSMS) provides efficient, standards-based criminal and civil enrollment capabilities to a wide range of law enforcement and governmental agencies, as well as commercial enterprises.

HID® Global Tenprint Readers

HID Guardian 100 Reader, HID Patrol ID Reader

As the leading provider of ten fingerprint livescan acquisition hardware, HID Global offers tenprint readers to meet any user requirement.

Guardian: Trusted Performance When It Matters Most

The industry leader in tenprint livescan capture – providing performance, reliability and flexibility. Offered in a range of models to meet specific application requirements.

Patrol: Economy Without Sacrifice

HID® Global Palm Devices

L500 - L1000 Readers

For years, HID Global L Scan® livescan devices have been synonymous with industry-leading, high-quality palm print and fingerprint image acquisition. No other scanner produces better level 2 and level 3 details, resulting in the best possible match rates. The L Scan palm scanner has a precision optical block and an image sensor that was designed specifically for HID Global to deliver the highest resolution images on the market. The result produces astonishingly minute details, supporting improved “lights out” search performance and latent examination capabilities.

HID® Global Multi-Modal Biometric Devices

SEEK® Avenger: The compact SEEK Avenger is the only fully certified biometric enrollment and credential reading solution purpose-built to perform in the harsh and challenging environments of the military, border security and law enforcement. Combining forensic-quality fingerprint, stand-off dual iris capture, high resolution facial and evidence imaging, and multiple format credential reading, the SEEK Avenger delivers a lighter, smarter and faster solution.

HID® DigitalPersona® 5300 Fingerprint Reader

HID® DigitalPersona® 5300 Fingerprint Reader

The DigitalPersona 5300 from HID Global is a compact, optical single fingerprint reader meeting both FIPS 201/PIV and FBI Mobile ID FAP 30 standards. The reader is designed to satisfy the high-volume requirements of large-scale civil ID and commercial enrollment authentication applications. Incorporating a durable IP64-rated glass platen that is highly resistant to chemical and physical damage, the DigitalPersona 5300 is well suited for harsh environments.

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Why Governments Should Consider Private Sector Verification Needs When Introducing Digital ID

Digital identity is more than a buzzword in the government business. It is almost reality. More than 10 pilot projects and a small number of live projects are currently running worldwide, mainly around digital driving licenses. But what do we mean when we talk about digital identity? Is it just a digitalized identity document that is accessible on a smart phone? This would not make it any different from a conventional physical document, so why bother at all investing in such a project?