HID® Jumpkits

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We have been configuring sophisticated identity management jumpkits for years. Serving the needs of the military, civilian governments, NGOs and enterprise alike, a custom-configured portable kit utilizing COTS components is a quick and easy way to architect your enrollment or verification solution without sacrificing performance.

HID® Cabinets

HID® Cabinets

Criminal booking environments demand solutions that can face the challenge of a high-pressure environment. That’s why our booking station cabinets are designed and purpose-built with toughness in mind. Made from heavy duty steel, with secure computer storage, foot pedal options and many other ruggedized features, HID cabinets protect your technology investments without impeding the enrollment/booking process.

Cabinet Features:

HID® NOMAD™ Modules

NOMAD 30 and NOMAD 60 Modules

With the NOMAD 30 and 60 Modules, HID Global offers both a single finger and a tenprint option for mobile and workstation integrations.

HID® Guardian™ Module

The Guardian Module has been designed and built for integration into the most advanced biometric identity management solutions such as kiosks, e-Gates and workstations. Therefore, the Guardian Module has a minimalist profile, multiple mounting points, and a flush platen for seamless incorporation into a surrounding housing.



The rapid proliferation of biometric technology necessitates the need for intelligent systems. Ease of use is a must for the military, law enforcement and others who need to rapidly process subjects’ identities in the field. HID Global offers advanced biometric identity management systems delivering intelligent, multimodal biometric capability to automatically capture fingerprint, facial and iris images, as well as customizable biographical data input.

Middleware and SDKs

Our SDKs and middleware provide a proven, trusted and secure method to simplify and expedite your application development.

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