How a Visitor Management System Enhances Patient Care

Effective visitor management is essential at any medical facility, but perhaps never more so than at children's hospitals and pediatric specialists. The right type of hospital visitor system can contribute towards care, giving children and their families the time, safety and reassurance they need to reduce anxiety and stress.

Time Is Running Out for 2-Year TLS/SSL Certificates

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we are talking about TLS/SSL digital certificate lifespan again; after all, the industry has been mandating a shorter lifespan for TLS/SSL certificates for the past few years. It is good security practice to use short-lived certificates, as it reduces cyber risk for organizations by shortening the window of opportunity for hackers if the certificate keys get stolen.

How to Choose the Right TLS/SSL Certificate Infographic

5 Things to Consider When Simplifying or Upgrading Physical Identity and Access Management

Simple, secure, seamless: it’s what every security professional wants in a physical identity and access management (PIAM) solution, but wanting is a far cry from reality. PIAM relies on collecting, analyzing, using, and reporting on security information in a centralized way. Whether you’re seasoned in the practice or just considering it, here are the five most important questions to ask of your PIAM program.

How to Use PKI to Implement Zero Trust Security

The concept of Zero Trust is a security model where all users and devices are treated as untrustworthy, even if they are already inside a network. The term Zero Trust is credited to Forrester Research based on a security model they published in 2010, which challenged the norm at the time of defending only the network perimeter and questioned the assumption that anything already inside the network is not a threat.

HID® Identity Verification Service

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Many financial institutions are undergoing in-depth digital transformations, where customer centricity and data leverage are key elements. This creates a need for a holistic approach to securing the customer’s digital identity. A starting point is the successful and confident digital on-boarding of the user into the financial institution, but many organizations struggle with the digital risk associated with enrolling users who may never set foot in a branch office.

Preparing for the Future of Digital Certificates

Digital certificates secure everything from devices to web pages, but only if they’re properly managed. Technologists who follow public key infrastructure (PKI) and IoT have identified two key trends that will have a broad impact on this market space. The first is that digital certificate lifespans continue to get shorter. The second is a massive uptick in the number of devices requiring a certificate.

How to Choose the Right TLS/SSL Certificate

Transport Layer Security (TLS), or famously known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL), are cryptographic protocols that establish an encrypted connection between a browser and a web server. This connection protects data privacy and integrity as communication between both parties remains encrypted. In short, it keeps the internet connection secure and protects sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, credit card details, and passwords from attackers.

HID® DigitalPersona® Software

The HID DigitalPersona software offers a new way to provide authentication services to users. Whereas traditional 2FA/MFA solutions are stuck on “what you have/what you know”, DigitalPersona leverages an array of easily deployable authentication methods so users can quickly and easily gain access to their cloud applications, such as Microsoft 365, VPNs, corporate networks, Windows desktops, Citrix applications and more.

Creating a Visitor Management System & Patient System That Work Together

Hospitals and clinics are places where everyone deserves to feel safe — staff, patients, employees, contractors, and others. Part of that security comes from having a strong and robust visitor management system that allows you to understand and control everyone coming into the facility.

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