Cloud PKI: A Better Fit for Financial Services

Modernizing multi-factor authentication with NFC Technology

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HID Approve for Windows Standalone Installer

HID Approve is a multi-factor authentication solution from HID Global that delivers a simple and secure way for you to validate transactions and authenticate. With push notifications and a simple swipe gesture, you can approve an authentication or transaction request on your mobile device. For mobile offline use, HID Approve enables you to generate one-time secure codes for strong authentication. HID Approve is a part of a broad range of hardware and software security tokens from HID Global that work with the HID Authentication Platform.

BN_mod_sqrt() – Denial of Service Security Advisory

Ensuring mobile authentication security white paper

Crescendo C2300 Minidriver 1.2

The Crescendo 2300 minidriver is required to allow CNG applications, like the MMC certificates snap-in, to update key pairs and certificates in Crescendo 2300 cards and Crescendo Key devices.

Case Study: COVID-19 return to work transition with WorkforceID Visitor Manager

The Essential Guide to Enterprise SSL Management

Enterprise Timestamping Service

Establish secure, trusted timestamps with Time Stamping Authority (TSA) that are audited without managing infrastructure. Authenticate digitally signed data for regulatory compliance, financial transactions and legal evidence.