Infosecurity Europe 2019

GISEC 2019


HID® Crescendo® Mobile

The HID Crescendo Mobile App provides strong multifactor authentication to cloud applications, VPNs, desktops, and Microsoft Active Directory. The Crescendo Mobile App can be downloaded to Android or iOS devices and behaves as a regular PKI smart card with no need for specific middleware—protecting the user’s digital certificates, private keys and other credentials. The Crescendo Mobile App works on personal smartphones and tablets, and it is fast and cost effective to deploy—particularly for contractors or remote workers.


Solving Identity Management Problems

HID SAFE integrates siloed systems, automates key processes and simplifies control of all physical identities across the various locations of an organization to ensure that each identity has the right access to the right areas, for the right length of time.

HID® SAFE™ Analytics

HID SAFE Analytics enables organizations to take the power of their physical security data beyond traditional reporting and use it to predict physical security operations and possible security risks. HID SAFE Analytics utilizes the logs maintained for each device and system and, through the use of predictive analytics, transforms this data into critical knowledge and actionable insights.

HID® SAFE™ Visitor Manager

HID SAFE Visitor Manager automates the entire lifecycle of visitors of any organization. This completely web-based solution includes capabilities for visitor pre-registration, security and background checks, access authorization, check-in/check-out, badge printing and centralized reporting, and audit trail functions. HID SAFE Visitor Manager is an extremely flexible solution that can be easily configured for each customer’s unique visitor management requirements. This highly scalable solution allows for easy management of busy sites with high volumes of visitors.

HID® SAFE™ Enterprise

In large enterprise organizations, security departments are challenged with managing different types of physical identities including permanent and temporary employees, contractors, vendors and visitors across multiple locations.

White Paper: Securing the Enterprise with Advanced Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication