Field Service Management


Integrating advanced technology to manage every aspect of the healthcare experience within the unique environment of a healthcare facility — visitor management, asset tracking and conditions monitoring, real-time location services, billing and peace of mind.

Case Study: Old Kempton Distillery

CASE STUDY: Hard Rock Cafe - Lyon, France

Enterprise & Corporate

Whether it is logging in to networks and IT resources securely, using multi-factor identification quickly and easily, or keeping time-and-attendance records accurately, single sign-on solutions from HID Global conveniently solve a wide range of business challenges and ensure data security.

Location Services in Healthcare

Smart Healthcare Operations


HID® Seal Tag RFID Tags

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HID Global® Seal Tag transponders are ideal for sealing commercial containers – bags, bins or boxes – to prevent unauthorized access to contents while in storage or during distribution. Seal Tag units integrate powerful RFID chips with high durability components, and secure, tamper-evident fasteners. Access to a sealed container’s contents requires severing a tag’s cable tie or wire loop – or breaching of the container itself – providing clear evidence of tampering.

White Paper: Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machinery