TSL UHF Handheld Terminal Datasheet


UHF u-Door Lite Cabin Stations Datasheet

e-Way UHF Portal for Textile Services Datasheet

LinTRAK® Linen UHF Tag Datasheet

LinTRAK Fixation Guide

Plant Digitization Using Affordable IoT Technology

Join Brad Hopkins, Ph.D., Director of Product Management, Condition Monitoring at HID Global to explore global trends using technology to transform today’s manufacturing environment. Go beyond the theoretical and learn how to implement affordable solutions that improve decision making and deliver real cost savings using HID Condition Monitoring. Join this webinar and learn about:


ACUITY Linen Management Applications

HID ACUITY Linen Management Software

ACUITY Connect leverages the power of cloud computing, pervasive mobile devices and RFID stations to allow users to gain a rapid and simple overview of their linen stock levels, providing insight on which and how many items are where — all in real time.