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HID® Seal Tag RFID Tags

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HID Global® Seal Tag transponders are ideal for sealing commercial containers – bags, bins or boxes – to prevent unauthorized access to contents while in storage or during distribution. Seal Tag units integrate powerful RFID chips with high durability components, and secure, tamper-evident fasteners. Access to a sealed container’s contents requires severing a tag’s cable tie or wire loop – or breaching of the container itself – providing clear evidence of tampering.

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Industry and Logistics

Contactless RFID components from HID Global optimize data collection speed and accuracy, enabling improved process control, data management and productivity.

Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeit Technology

HID Trusted Tag® Services enable brands to combine discretely embedded, cryptographically secure RFID/NFC tags in finished goods with cloud authentication to digitally authenticate products, protect the supply chain and continually engage with buyers, post sale.

HID Global Industrial RFID & BLE Tags: What to Use When

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HID Location Services and Condition Monitoring

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