HID Biometric Manager Rev. E

From June 2020 Rev. E, 324.8MB

Common Misconceptions About Mobile Access. Part one: The Stolen Phone

One of the most recent, and relevant, advancements within access control was the introduction of mobile access functionality — a feature that piggybacks on the general mobility trend to enhance the user experience with physical access control. Let’s go back to the basics and discuss what this technology is and how it works.

person using mobile phone

HID® Aero™ X1100 Installation Guide

HID® Aero™ X300 Installation Guide

HID® Aero™ X200 Installation Guide

HID® Aero™ X100 Installation Guide

HID Biometric Manager Rev. C

From November 11, 2019, HID Biometric Manager Software Version: 1.0.774.56514, RB25F Firmware Version:, 321.5 MB


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HID Biometric Manager Rev. D

From Jan, 20th 2020 (Service Pack 2.1): HID Biometric Manager Software Version: 1.0.886.57608, RB25F Firmware Version:, 308.1 MB

HID Biometric Manager Rev. B

From August 3, 2019, 293.2 MB