The 2021 State of Physical Access Control Report

Mobile Access Misconceptions Part 3: Reduced Performance

In the first blog, we shared information about the benefits of partnering with a reliable mobile access control systems provider to protect your company’s buildings, employees and assets.

These benefits are numerous and include:

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Misconceptions About Mobile Access. Part Two: Personal Data

In the previous article, we shared information about the benefits of mobile access control, i.e. using your smartphone to open doors and compared this to traditional access control methods. We also detailed the steps an individual and organization can take to restore their access when a smartphone is lost or stolen.

Customer Advisory on Unauthorized Use of Third-party Devices with HID Readers

As a longstanding trusted advisor in the industry, HID is committed to proactively assessing the needs of our customers and outlining recommended best practices. This blog outlines a recent issue uncovered by HID. We became aware of the unauthorized use of third-party parasitic devices designed to harvest power or communication from a host HID reader (“unauthorized devices”). The use of an unauthorized device with an HID reader is an improper modification and misuse of the HID reader and the HID products used in conjunction with the reader.


Organizations have highly-varied needs when it comes to controlling access to their buildings, networks, and more. To meet the requirements for such a broad range of use cases, HID offers the industry’s widest selection of innovative, secure, and reliable reader hardware.

nRF52 Fault Injection

HID Origo™ Frequently Asked Questions

HID Origo™ Regulatory Compliance

HID Global undergoes regular internal and external security audits on the organization as well as all the HID Origo platform components to ensure our solutions comply with industry security standards and best practices.

HID Origo™ Information Security

Information security is paramount at HID Global. To ensure we maintain our customers’ confidence, we have established a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS) to exceed recognized security requirements and continue to be the world’s trusted source for identity security.