The HID® TRISM™ HSM XT (Hardware Security Module XT) is designed to meet the unique security needs of financial institutions that offer in-branch, financial card instant issuance. The HSM XT helps ensure that your customers’ data and transactions remain secure by providing vital cryptographic key management and the encryption of sensitive financial information—including the Card Verification Value (CVV) and the Personal Identification Number (PIN).

HID® FARGO® HDP6600 Consumables Specifications Sheet

FARGO® DTC5500LMX Card Printer User Guide

SDS China 2019

SDS was founded in the year of 2003, focusing on the cutting-edge technology and market application information of security document in the world, especially in China and Asia. Focus on advanced technology in the following fields: Banknotes, ID documents, Passports, Tax Stamps, Certificates, Financial Bills, Securities, Invoices, Tickets, File and Brand Protection.

China Financial Expo

The exhibition covers banks, securities, funds, gold, foreign exchange, scientific and technological gold, supply chain finance, real estate finance, and finance. Technical equipment and other financial institutions. The Shenzhen International Finance Expo plays a positive role in promoting the development of regional financial industry, international exchange and cooperation, innovation and cross-border cooperation in the financial industry, and provides more opportunities for the urban residents to realize the value of wealth and value.

Identity Week Asia Pacific

Identity Week Asia will be a worldclass event, aiming to help create a more secure world, through the implementation of trusted identity solutions. A world where governments and commercial organizations can provide citizens, employees, customers and consumers with a multitude of identity services, entitlements and opportunities to operate in a seamless, yet secure manner.


Public Sector CIO Convex 2019 is an annual congregation of Government agencies’ CIOs, strategic partners from industries as well as local and international experts to come together and discuss various tools, technologies and initiatives to serve our citizens better.

Smart Card Expo India

It is India’s only trade fair focusing on smart card technologies and is organized along with the co-located trade fairs IoT India Expo, e-Security Expo, RFID India Expo, Biometrics India Expo, Digital Payments India Expo and Artificial Intelligence India Expo. The Indian industry will witness an upsurge in the demand for emerging digital technologies and services in the coming years.

Secure Issuance

We offer comprehensive secure issuance solutions, which include cloud-based printing, financial instant issuance and a wide range of printers designed to fit your company's needs.

2019 Jack Henry Annual Conference & TechConnect