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HID® FARGO® HDP5600 Language Packs

Contains the HID® FARGO® HDP5600 non-English language packs (Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese). Please use the FARGO Workbench to send individual language packs (.lng files) to the printer.

HID® FARGO® HDP5000/HDPii Plus Chinese (Simplified) Language Pack

HID® FARGO® HDP5000/HDPii Plus Chinese (Simplified) Language Pack Please use the FARGO Workbench to send the Chinese (Simplified) language pack to the printer.

Level Up Your Card Issuance Process

We have all had to navigate the challenges that have come with our new world and new era of working in the past year and the card issuance process was not immune to these challenges. Many organizations struggled with how to alter a card issuance process that was typically done in-person. On top of that, many discovered that the on-boarding process has been complex, time consuming, and very rigid even prior to the pandemic. These minor struggles have now been magnified due to remote working and distance learning.

Is Cloud Card Issuance Right for You?

The prevalence of the cloud is everywhere, and now more than ever traditional applications are heading in this direction. Whether it’s to watch the latest Netflix show at home or create a presentation using Office365, most of us use the cloud all day long without realizing it and the benefits are fairly obvious. We no longer need to download any software, information is synced between all your devices, and you can access the application from anywhere. As such, it is no surprise that cloud-based card issuance solutions have started to pop up with varying level of capabilities.

Top 5 Trends in ID Card Printing

Modern technology is growing and adapting seemingly daily, it is no surprise that everything around it is also moving at a quick pace. The ID card printing space, while historically slow to transform, is also experiencing significant evolution over the past several years. The trends in this evolution are largely focused on improving the convenience and flexibility of the issuance solution while also reducing the time needed to issue credentials.

FARGO® HDP5000, HDP5600, and HDPii Plus Installation Guide

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