Company Values

HID Global is on a mission. A mission to bring trust to the world. Think bigger. Embrace change for the future. Be empowered. Be relevant. Your opportunities await you.

Empowerment—We Have Trust in People

  • We believe that our people can achieve great things
  • We give our team responsibility and authority to act, as well as provide opportunities
  • We value doing and know that failing means learning
  • We work together and grow as diverse perspectives meet
  • We listen closely to those nearest our customers

Innovation—We Have the Courage to Change

  • We dare to innovate ourselves, our products and our industry
  • We use technology to fuel change
  • We don’t get scared by uncertainty or by making tough decisions
  • We drive towards ambitious goals with tomorrow in mind
  • We are natural-born innovators

Integrity—We Stand Up for What's Right

  • We are straightforward and tell it like it is
  • We are trustworthy, reliable and always keep our word
  • We strive to be responsible, in every situation
  • We value results, not titles or backgrounds
  • We provide a safe and respectful work environment