ID Document Readers

For ID document, card and passport reading

HID® identity document readers and passport scanners rapidly read data from multiple forms of ID and travel documentation to enable efficient identity verification checks. The portfolio includes products resulting from HID’s acquisition of Access-IS.

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HID ATOM™ HID ATOM™ Full-Page ID Scanner, Document Imager and Electronic Machine Readable Travel Document (eMRTD) Reader
HID® ADR100 HID® ADR100 Photo ID Scanner
HID® AKB500 HID® AKB500 Keyboard With Integrated OCR Functionality
HID® OCR310e HID® OCR310e Miniature OEM OCR Reading Engine
HID® OCR315-E HID® OCR315-E USB OCR Swipe Reader
HID® OCR316-E HID® OCR316-E USB OCR Swipe Reader With MSR
HID® OCR601-Mk2 HID® OCR601-Mk2 Half Page MRZ Reader for Passports, ID Cards and Contactless Cards
HID® OCR640e Desktop HID® OCR640e Desktop Full-Page ID Scanner & eMRTD Reader

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