Passports and Booklets

Datapages, eCovers, ePrelaminates, inlays and software

HID® has an extensive portfolio of products for creating secure, customized passports and booklets.

HID® Digital Travel Credentials HID® Digital Travel Credentials Digital travel credentials will enhance the travel experience for passengers in the future
HID® Identity Document Design HID® Identity Document Design Partnering with governments to create secure passports and national IDs that reflect their heritage
HID® Passport Datapages HID® Passport Datapages Customized datapage solutions to address the unique profiles and requirements of each nation
HID® Passport Security Features HID® Passport Security Features The most advanced technologies and methodologies available for safeguarding passports
HID® Passports HID® Passports Machine readable and electronic passports combining high levels of integrity and technology

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