Ticket Readers

Barcode, cEMV and NFC/RFID Readers

Ticket readers, validators and scanners to read 1D/2D barcodes from any media, RFID/NFC and contactless EMV payments. The portfolio includes products resulting from HID’s acquisition of Access-IS.

HID TripTick™ 210 HID TripTick™ 210 OEM Barcode & RFID/NFC Ticket Reader
HID TripTick™ 220 HID TripTick™ 220 OEM Barcode, NFC and cEMV Ticket Reader
HID TripTick™ Halo 200 HID TripTick™ Halo 200 Surface, Pole or Desk-Mounted Barcode Reader
HID TripTick™ Halo 210 HID TripTick™ Halo 210 Surface, Pole or Desk-Mounted Barcode and NFC Reader
HID VAL050 HID VAL050 Barcode/NFC/RFID Ticket Validator
HID VAL100 HID VAL100 Barcode, NFC & RFID Ticket Validator With Contactless Payment Capability

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