HID Crescendo Temporary Access Card Quick Start Guide

Crescendo® Temporary Access Card

Step 1 – Review the Frequently Asked Questions
Discover answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Step 2 – Confirm the Trust Anchor
The IdenTrust® TrustID™ Certificate Authority must be trusted by the Physical Access Control System (PACS). Options for this execution include a configuration of your FIPS 201 compliant PACS system, or you can simply trust the IdenTrust CA on the Windows server where your PACS runs.

You can download the IdenTrust TrustID root CA here.
(note: you may need to rename this file to .p7b to allow it to open in certain programs).

Step 3 – Enroll each Crescendo Temporary Access Card (TAC)
Enroll the Crescendo TAC into your PACS with the same validation system currently used to enroll PIV, CAC or PIV-I card.

Step 4 – Distribute the Crescendo TAC to Visitors
Distribute cards to visitors upon entry into your facility. When a guest leaves, or if they lose their card, simply disable the credential in the PACS.

Card PIN
Like all PIV/CAC and PIV-I cards, the TAC has a PIN code. This PIN code is set at manufacturing and can be changed by end users using any standard PIV middleware as long as the user knows the current PIN code. The PIN code will be blocked after a certain number of incorrect PIN tries. HID does not provide a way to unblock a blocked TAC; a new on TAC should be used instead

The default PIN code is: 112233