Passkeys — Passwordless Authentication

Future-proof your authentication with FIDO technology using passkeys and say goodbye to passwords and phishing threats!

Passkeys Are Phishing Resistant and Easy to Use

Explore world-class FIDO solutions, offering an end-to-end, passwordless experience with passkeys. The best fit for your consumers or workforce awaits, all without compromising on security.

Allow your users to experience an easy-to-use passkey solution journey by working with HID as a one-stop-shop FIDO solution vendor to meet your unique needs. 

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Easy to Get Started

Deploy passkeys in days, with no disruption to your business. A single solution covers all your FIDO technology needs.
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Fit for Your Purpose

Whether for consumers or the workforce, choose from the broadest range of multi-technology credentials for passwordless access and help you meet your compliance needs.
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Simple for Users

Remove complexity and replace with a one touch passwordless experience to maximize workforce productivity and streamline consumer journeys.

Passwordless Authentication With Passkeys — Saves Money and Your Organization’s Reputation

Research shows that password-related cybercrime is still on the rise and the average cost of a data breach is nearly 4.5 million dollars. However, according to the FIDO Alliance, entering a password manually without any form of additional authentication is still dominant. Do not fall victim to this trend.

Break away from passwords and protect your company from fraud and data breaches with FIDO passkeys.

The HID Authentication Platform Enables Your Passkey Journey

Intuitive consumer and workforce passwordless authentication without compromising on security.

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Workforce Solutions

HID is uniquely positioned to be your organization’s end-to-end FIDO vendor and partner. Our Authentication Platform offers a selection of passkey solutions including the widest range of multi-technology converged credentials in the form of smart cards and a variety of backend authentication.

This maximizes user productivity and minimizes downtime by empowering your corporate ID to also hold passkeys.

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Consumer Banking Solutions

HID is a strong provider of consumer banking solutions and has extensive experience enabling intelligent and scalable end-to-end consumer banking journeys. 

The HID Authentication Platform enables a cloud-based passkey journey where consumers have the flexibility to use synchronized or device-bound passkeys to access their banking applications.

Find Your Path to Replacing Passwords With Passkeys

Member of the FIDO Alliance

HID has been a proud member of and contributor to the FIDO Alliance — an open industry association focused on reducing the world’s reliance on passwords — for nearly a decade.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if passkeys are right for my organization?

Passkeys are right if you are looking for:

  • Secure, decentralized authentication, since device-bound passkeys are stored on individual devices rather than on servers. This makes them resistant to phishing attacks.
  • A fast implementation timeline — based on FIDO technology, passkeys are easy for IT teams to implement and have broad client built-in support
  • Effortless integration with well-known enterprise web and mobile apps like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace
2. What is the best passkey format for me?

There are two different types of passkeys — device-bound (on smart cards and security keys) and synced (accessible via mobile devices). 

Synced passkeys aren’t crackable like passwords and they are highly user-friendly, because they don’t require users to re-enroll every time they want to access an account on a new device. Yet synced passkeys can be shared with others using AirDrop and Nearby Share, threatening account integrity if they inadvertently fall into the hands of malicious actors. 

Device-bound passkeys offer greater security and tend to be more optimal for enterprise or workforce use cases. Some organizations find that offering a mix of these solutions can be a good solution given that use cases can vary greatly between departments. Finding the right security for the right user is key. Talk to one of our experts to find out which is best for your needs. 

3. What is unique to HID’s FIDO solutions for enterprises?

HID offers enterprises the opportunity to address unique and diverse use cases and ensure a future-proof approach to authentication, whether passkeys are already part of your strategy or something you plan on gradually bringing to part of your workforce. HID’s passkey journey is uniquely positioned to increase workforce productivity and operational efficiency by: 

  • Using a shared PIN across logical access technologies (FIDO or PKI), so employees don’t need to remember two PINs on the same device 
  • Having PIN recovery capability — With some credentials, if the PIN is forgotten or locked, the credential can no longer be used. The HID passkeys which are part of the Crescendo® line of products can be unlocked remotely.
  • Using Crescendo smart cards to create an employee’s ID card that allows passwordless access to business applications as well as physical building access, all with one device