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What is a mobile identity?
In today’s world, users expect to be able to use their mobile phone to help manage their daily lives – everything from managing their emails to online banking transactions to checking into a hotel or boarding a plane. That trend is now being extended to include government-issued identities. Technology now allows citizens to store their official identity on their mobile phone, enabling proof of identity to law enforcement, age verification at a store or a nightclub, or proof of valid driving privileges or no criminal activity when renting a car or applying for a bank loan.

What is HID goID™?
HID goID™ is the answer to creating, issuing and managing mobile identities. Convenience, interoperability and standards-based cryptography are encapsulated into our customizable SDK that developers use to build a wide variety of end-user applications.

HID’s goID allows the secure, over-the-air provisioning of a government issued-credential into most iOS® and Android™ devices. It creates a unique link between the back-end services and a citizen’s mobile phone, allowing post-issuance events like “update” or “revoke” from the issuer to the citizen device.

Citizens remain in full control of the verification process, remaining “invisible” until they accept the Verifier’s request. Personal data remains private and hidden until details are voluntarily shared with a specific Verifier.

goID is Designed with Local Partners in Mind
goID is designed to connect a citizen and a government entity that issues their secure identity. Our partners are offered technologies, software and service agreements to fuel their creation and deployment of mobile identity projects quickly and securely.

hid-govid-goid-sdk-ig-enBasic Architecture of HID goID™CITIZENDATABASEgoID™ ISSUANCESYSTEM(OPTIONAL)goID™ ISSUERMODULECITIZENDEVICEWorkfow, CMSPrepare (DL, ICAOor other), sign andencrypt dataIssues and managessecure mobile identitiesDecrypt data,secure storage,secure sharinggoID™ GATEWAYHID GLOBAL SERVICEOR IN-COUNTRYISSUERAPPgoIDSDKCITIZENDATA

The On-Prem software component resides within the secure network of the identity issuer and prepares, signs and encrypts the data. Our partners are fully trained to be autonomous in the implementation of this component into their projects.

The goID software resides within an app on the mobile phone of the citizen. This software manages all aspects of security and performance related to provisioning and verification of the citizen’s credentials. Our partners also get fully trained to develop their own app, built on top of the SDK, or to integrate the SDK into their existing app. The goID SDK is available on both the iOS® and Android™ platforms and is regularly updated.

Our cloud-hosted service component securely connects the On-Prem and goID SDK. This service comes with a comprehensive SLA and fully secured key ceremony to plug the On-Prem to it, providing the utmost level of security for the issuer every time they use the service. All Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is encrypted by the On Prem prior to transiting through the cloud services, and then decrypted by the goID SDK on the citizen’s device itself.

How to become a partner?
Please contact us today and join the large community of HID Global trusted partners.