Lumidigm® SDK 5

The legacy Lumidigm SDK 5 supports embedded and streaming Lumidigm fingerprint sensors, modules and readers. Tools and documentation available to assist integrators and developers in designing biometric authentication solutions around Lumidigm fingerprint devices include:

  • Lumidigm software development kit (SDK) with support for Windows 10/8/7, Linux (Intel 32/64 bit platforms) and Android
  • Driver and interoperation library source code integration kit (vCOM) including builds for Windows and Linux, with demo applications
  • Application development documentation including mechanical, electrical, physical layer, and software design guides.

Lumidigm SDK 5 supports Lumidigm V-Series (V30x, V31x, V371) and M-Series (M30x, M31x) sensors, modules and readers.

To request a license key for the Lumidigm 5.0 development toolkit, please click here. A description of all Lumidigm development toolkits is available here.