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Cashless Payment Comparison Chart
Posted Date: 26 Mar 2020
multiCLASS / Magnetic Stripe
Posted Date: 25 Mar 2020
Netflix Mobile Access Pilot Case Study
Posted Date: 25 Mar 2020

Netflix replaces low-frequency keyfobs and tags with mobile phones for physical access control in pilot program using HID Global’s iCLASS® SE, multiCLASS SE™, and iCLASS® Seos™ products.

Wiegand Epic Reader Datasheet
Posted Date: 25 Mar 2020
Wiegand Sensor Card Datasheet
Posted Date: 25 Mar 2020
VertX FAQs
Posted Date: 24 Mar 2020
Embeddable RFID Datasheet  
Posted Date: 23 Mar 2020

With a variety of integrated chips, HID offers a range of Embeddable RFID transponders at low and high operating frequencies.