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Crescendo C2300 Minidriver 1.1 - (7.12 MB)

The Crescendo C2300 minidriver is required to allow CNG applications, like the MMC certificates snap-in, to update key pairs and certificates in Crescendo C2300 cards and Crescendo Key devices. Minidriver 1.1 adds the following features: - Support for HID Crescendo iCLASS device - Support for Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) to issue and manage HID Crescendo C2300 iCLASS device. Documentation: Note: Minidriver 1.1 supports the Crescendo C2300 Card with the new Applet 3.0.3, but doesn’t support the Crescendo C2300 Card with the Applet 3.0.2 Minidriver 1.0 will continue supporting the Crescendo C2300 card with the Applet 3.0.2

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  • HID Crescendo 2300 Series
  • HID® Crescendo® Key Series
  • Windows 10 x64
  • Windows 10 x86