One-Card Solutions

secure student identification, access control and attendance tracking

HID Global

HID Global provides full solutions for campus access control and security, ID issuance, and one-card options for colleges and universities. We understand the same solution doesn’t work for every campus - that’s why we build custom solutions that are right for yours. We can provide the expertise to:

  • Identify your current and future campus and organizational needs, find the options that work – including those you may not be aware of – and walk you through it start to finish.
  • Find the most cost-effective solutions to help you transition from your current system all at once or in stages.
  • Streamline your student ID issuance process so it’s as efficient as possible – eliminating long waits and long lines.
  • Deliver field-proven and time-tested security solutions that will keep your campus, your residence halls and your students safer.
  • Develop the best integration plan for existing on-campus systems, while keeping an eye out for your future needs.
  • Deliver the products, technologies and services to make it all happen.

Streamlining Your Campus ID Issuance Process

Simplify your ID issuance process, stay ahead of or even eliminate those long lines every semester and make the whole experience quick and painless for you and your students.

One Card Solution for Students Around the Campus: Making the Change from Magnetic Stripe to Smart Card

Are you thinking about making the switch from magnetic stripe cards to a contactless smart card solution but aren’t sure where to start? Doing so can reduce card fraud, provide better security for your students, staff and campus and a whole lot more - without breaking your budget.

Easier and More Secure Tracking of Residence Hall Visitors

Implementing preauthorization options can streamline check in processes, give you advance notice of when residential hall visitors will arrive, let you set access rights for them ahead of time, and then track them securely on-campus until they leave.

One-Card Solutions for Your Campus: There’s More Than Security in a Smart Card

Today’s college students are exceptionally technology savvy. As such, they expect their information to always be protected, readily accessible, and integrated to a variety of campus-wide systems. By offering secure, multi-tasking smart cards that can be used for several purposes – secure student identification, access control, attendance tracking, cashless payments for campus life offerings, and off-campus fee-based merchant programs – HID can help you select the right technologies that will keep pace with the changing needs of your students.