Embedded Solutions

Embedded solutions are component technologies that provide market differentiation or enhance the functionality of a product, thereby contributing to its intrinsic value to the end-customer. For example, an embedded solution could expand use of an access control to a printer or network.


Access Control Locks

HID Global works with companies around the globe to embed our award-winning technology into their lock hardware. Use the same HID Global access control smart card, fob, phone or wearable you use to access the building to access electronic locks on interior doors or cabinets. One of our partners has the perfect solution for you.

Partner solutions include:

  • Expanded use of the access control device beyond the door to open battery powered door locks, cabinet locks and server rack lock systems
  • Increased convenience for end-users through the simplicity of one device for many purposes

Time & Attendance

Seamlessly manage time and attendance and get more use from your existing HID Global access control smart card, fob, phone or wearable. Organizations, large or small, can maximize the value of existing physical access control badges by using the same device with a time and attendance system featuring HID Global embedded technologies.

Partner solutions include:

  • Convenience for employees and students with a single multi-purpose access control device
  • Efficient management through the access control system and streamlined reporting for local work regulations and local or national workplace regulatory agencies

Secure Print Release

Ensure privacy and increase efficiency. HID Global partners with leading printer manufacturers and software providers to embed our technology, enabling you to manage secure print release with the same HID Global smart card, fob, phone or wearable device you use to enter the facility.


  • Enhance sustainability initiatives by providing a solution where documents are printed only when an authorized employee has presented their HID Global access control device to the printer
  • Meet industry-specific compliance requirements such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI with the privacy and additional layer of data protection products embedded HID Global technologies offer