Is Cloud Card Issuance Right for You?

08 Jun 2021
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Live Webinar
Digital Event

The prevalence of the cloud is everywhere, and now more than ever traditional applications are heading in this direction. Whether it’s to watch the latest Netflix show at home or create a presentation using Office365, most of us use the cloud all day long without realizing it and the benefits are fairly obvious. We no longer need to download any software, information is synced between all your devices, and you can access the application from anywhere. As such, it is no surprise that cloud-based card issuance solutions have started to pop up with varying level of capabilities. The appeal is real but, the decision to move to the cloud should not be taken lightly.

In this session we will discuss the pros and cons of moving to a cloud-based card issuance solution. Leaving you with some questions that you can take back to your organization to help determine if switching to a cloud card issuance solution is in fact right for you.