Top 5 Trends in ID Card Printing

25 May 2021
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Live Webinar
Digital Event

Modern technology is growing and adapting seemingly daily, it is no surprise that everything around it is also moving at a quick pace. The ID card printing space, while historically slow to transform, is also experiencing significant evolution over the past several years. The trends in this evolution are largely focused on improving the convenience and flexibility of the issuance solution while also reducing the time needed to issue credentials. We have listened to card issuance administrators and researched what is available from card issuance providers to come up with the top 5 biggest trends in Card Issuance that will have the biggest impact to your card office.

Take a break from your busy day, grab a coffee, and come learn more about the following trends:
- New Print Technologies
- Web-Based Card Issuance Software
- Issuing to Remote Locations
- Managing Smart Cards During the Card Issuance Process
- Visual Security