LaserCard Counterfeit Resistant ID Cards

media is the most tamper-proof and counterfeit-resistant ID credential platform.

LaserCard Counterfeit Resistant Government ID Cards


LaserCard Optical Security Media - the world’s most secure, counterfeit-resistant solution

An overriding requirement of any identity card program is security of the credential and its data. Equally important is the security of the card’s manufacturing, personalization and issuance processes. To meet these needs, HID Global offers its LaserCard® optical security media that is widely acknowledged as the most tamper-proof and counterfeit-resistant ID credential platform available. Engineered to meet sophisticated requirements for layered security, optical security media is used worldwide in major identity card programs, including the U.S. Permanent Resident Card or “Green Card” to provide unparalleled levels of physical and visual security.

Optical security media benefits

  • Unsurpassed visual and physical security: Confident visual authentication, tamper-proof features and strong counterfeit resistance.
  • Scalable and secure data storage: Customers can update, modify, or upgrade programs without needing to reissue credentials.
  • Technology inclusive: Can be combined with all credential technologies available from HID Global, including contact and contactless IC chips, inlays, prelaminates, magnetic stripes, OCR-B and RFID tags.
  • Unequalled durability: Supports long-life programs and withstands harsh environmental conditions, delivering enhanced reliability.
  • Ideal for visual credential examination: Indispensable for inspection without electronic readers or access to databases. (Over 90% of inspections are undertaken visually.)
  • Portable biometric data: Accommodates facial, fingerprint and iris images and templates; supports secure off-line identity verification.

The preferred choice

Many governments around the world, including the U.S. Federal Government, have specified optical media as a key feature for their most secure ID credential programs. In testimony before the U.S. Congress, a previous Head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Forensic Document Laboratory said “...this [media] has effectively put the mass counterfeiters out of business.”

The world’s most secure, counterfeit-resistant credential solution

Real-world Uses

  • Reliable visual credential inspection: Easily recognized optical characteristics and instantly verifiable visual features support any examination process with minimal inspection training.
  • Automatic card authentication: Immediate, authoritative means of authenticating any optical media credential without database connection.
  • Visual ID verification: Verifies the card is presented by the authorized cardholder by displaying tamper-proof optical media data at inspection points within three seconds.
  • Biometric ID verification: Using any biometric one-to-one method, automatic offline ID verification is possible in both attended and unattended (kiosk/terminal) transactions.
  • Interoperability: Optical security media is compatible with published international standards and offers seamless interoperability with other systems.
  • Back up to erasable memory: Access a full backup of original issuance and cardholder information in the event that volatile onboard memory is deliberately or accidentally corrupted, altered or erased.
  • Scalable upgrades, multiple applications: Data storage capacity enables incremental addition of new applications such as social services, health care or driver’s license, without the cost and inconvenience of re-issuing credentials.