RFID Authentication in Healthcare

Protect patient data, secure networks and improve clinician productivity.

Superior Care Starts With Smart Access and Authentication

Hospitals and healthcare providers are saddled with responsibilities that extend far beyond just patient care. They are required to protect data and privacy, meet compliance mandates, secure access to systems, track electronic prescriptions and manage controlled substances.

There’s a tech remedy to relieve much of this pressure, and drive daily efficiencies, security and productivity.

Today’s prescription: RFID identity authentication.

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Take Better Care of Your Physical Spaces and Digital Places

RFID technology is the ideal prescription to identify and authenticate patients, clinicians, hospital staff and support personnel when accessing all systems around them. It all happens with a single, simple credential via a card, mobile phone, fob or wearable. Healthcare environments can rely on flexible RFID readers to easily “spread” secure access and trusted authentication across other use cases throughout the premises. These include secure printing, access to cafeterias and on-site restaurants, smart lockers and more.

RFID authentication in healthcare is an investment that’s not only versatile but future-proof, as it can expand and contract with evolving access requirements.

Making the Physician Journey Easier

Hospital IDs are converted into identity authentication powerhouses enabling secure and seamless access to extended services.

Watch the video below to discover how RFID authentication boosts physician productivity.

Empowering the Nursing Community

Nurses benefit from secure, seamless access across the healthcare premises.

Watch the video below to learn how RFID authentication improves the work experience for nurses.

Healthy Choices Protect Patients, Staff and Systems

The RFID authentication system for healthcare checks all these boxes during your tech exam:

  • Secure — Prevents unauthorized physical and digital access
  • Efficient — Privileges are swiftly granted and easily changed remotely
  • Convenient — Users need only one credential to access systems
  • Versatile — RFID is delivered via cards, phones, tags, tokens or wearables
  • Cost-Effective — Leverages existing cards and credentials
  • Compliant — Meets requirements, including data and privacy regulations
medical person holding tablet

Exercise Your Imagination With the OMNIKEY® Interactive Experience

Watch the video below to preview how hospitals and other healthcare environments transform into a series of secure connections with RFID authentication.

The Choose Your OMNIKEY tool lets you mix and match access point possibilities and choose your specific OMNIKEY products for a modern identity verification makeover.

Easily Apply RFID Authentication to Your Healthcare Ecosystem

HID OMNIKEY® RFID desktop readers and reader modules offer excellence in security and efficiency, while ensuring compliance with industry regulations in healthcare.